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Japan Airlines to enter agricultural business with farms aimed at tourists


Japan Airlines Corp. says it will launch an agricultural business.

The airline plans to run farms offering experience-based programs near Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture and sell agricultural products under the JAL brand, company officials said Monday.

The company expects demand from visitors from abroad. It also hopes to expand the business to other areas, including overseas.

JAL and agricultural business operator Wago, based in Katori, Chiba Prefecture, have jointly set up a corporation, JAL Agriport, in the city of Narita.

The company will lease abandoned farmland and build greenhouses for strawberry picking. Also planned are farms where visitors will experience sweet potato digging and rice planting.

Eateries and shops featuring the products of JAL Agriport will be built in Narita by 2020. JAL will also offer the items as part of its in-flight meals and in its airport lounges.