EU’s easy-money endgame

by Hans-werner Sinn

The euro has brought a balance-of-payments crisis to Europe, just as the gold standard did in the 1920s. Only one difference exists between the two episodes: In today’s crisis, huge international rescue packages have been available. These rescue packages have relieved the eurozone’s financial distress, but at a high cost. ...

Mar 30, 2015

Tuberculosis showing a resurgence in China

by Cesar Chelala

China now has the second-largest tuberculosis epidemic — second only to India — with more than 1.3 million new cases of tuberculosis every year. What makes the situation particularly serious, says the Chinese Center for Disease Control, is that China has the largest number ...

Mar 29, 2015

Call Cameron's 'gaffe' anything but guileless

by Marc Champion

There's been much debate over whether British Prime Minister David Cameron's shock announcement about his political future was just an unguarded slip — as he tried to look like a normal family man rather than a power-crazed politician on a soft-feature TV show — ...