Each week Neha Mankani comes by boat ambulance to Baba, an old fishing settlement near Karachi, and reportedly one of the world's most crowded islands with some 6,500 people crammed into 0.15 square kilometers.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jul 2, 2024
Midwife on the front line of climate change on Pakistan's islands
Climate change is swelling the surrounding seas off the megacity of Karachi and baking the land with rising temperatures.
Muslim pilgrims use umbrellas to shade themselves during the annual Hajj pilgrimage, on Saturday.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jun 21, 2024
Deadly heat waves mark Northern Hemisphere's first day of summer
Record temperatures in recent days are suspected to have caused hundreds, possibly thousands, of deaths across Asia and Europe.
A man affected by the scorching heat is helped by a member of the Saudi security forces as Muslim pilgrims arrive in Mina, near Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca, on June 16.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jun 20, 2024
Climate change threat hangs over Hajj as hundreds perish in heat
More than 500 people have died during this year's pilgrimage, according to a tally based on foreign ministry statements and sources.
Hjelmer Hammeken, Greenland's greatest polar bear hunter, rides his dog sled to look for seals on the sea ice outside Ittoqqortoormiit, on the frozen Scoresbysund Fjord.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jun 19, 2024
On thin ice: Greenland's last Inuit polar bear hunters
Climate change and hunting quotas have been threatening the livelihood on which Inuit families have long survived.
Water is sprayed over the stage at a Taylor Swift concert in Rio de Janeiro in November 2023.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jun 19, 2024
On a warming planet, outdoor concerts need a new safety playbook
Climate change is ushering in more extreme weather worldwide, and with it, greater risks for outdoor events.
A typhoon hits Hong Kong. Scientists warn that the danger ahead isn’t just from supercharged weather catastrophes. A warmer planet increases the chances of "compound events,” where multiple disasters — natural and manmade — occur at the same time or place.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jun 19, 2024
The era of super-wild weather is already here
Floods, wildfires, droughts and heat waves have become more widespread and volatile than before.
Environmental activists from the group Extinction Rebellion demonstrate outside the media center set up for the Group of Seven leaders' summit, in Bari, Italy, on Friday.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Jun 15, 2024
Experts and activists slam 'pointless' G7 on climate
The Group of Seven rich democracies was assailed for having failed to deliver significant new progress on climate during a summit in Italy.


Traditional folk rituals like Mizudome-no-mai (dance to stop the rain) provide a sense of agency to a population that feels largely powerless in the face of the climate crisis.
As climate extremes intensify, Japan embraces ancient weather rituals