Sapporo native Yuna Yamada competes during a U.S. ballet contest in New York on April 11.
Apr 21, 2024
Japanese dancer Yuna Yamada wins first place in U.S. ballet contest
"I want to be a dancer influential enough to make the audience smile," said Yamada, 12, from Sapporo.
 “Time” is a mixed-genre performance, conceived by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and artist Shiro Takatani, that depicts a struggle between man and nature.
Mar 30, 2024
Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani’s ‘Time’ is a dreamy blur
It’s been one year since the composer’s death, but his creative output carries on in Japan.
A co-production between Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project and the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, Poland, “N/Kosmos” features performers from Poland and Japan, each of whom mostly uses their native tongue.
Mar 21, 2024
‘N/Kosmos’ puts on a dazzling display of controlled chaos
Stage director Hiroshi Koike welcomes pandemonium in his latest genre-fluid production in collaboration with Polish electronic musician Waclaw Zimpel.
Kazumi, lead dancer and producer of Asakusa Kaguwa, brought the “neo-Japanesque” show back from the verge of disappearing after the coronavirus pandemic.
Mar 14, 2024
'Neo-Japanesque' dance show finds new life in Asakusa after pandemic
Kaguwa, which reimagines the courtesans, geishas and samurai of Japan's red-light districts, was once a major draw for overseas visitors.
Mayuko Kashiwazaki tries on her mask after getting into costume before a dress rehearsal for "Dojoji," a famous noh drama about the revenge of a betrayed woman.
Mar 7, 2024
An 'all-women' noh production challenges traditional Japanese ideas
While women have been involved in noh for decades, older audiences tend to expect an all-male cast. Now, actors believe the times are changing.
An adult Natsuki (Manami Goto, center) and her husband (Hiromichi Aramaki, right) enter into a twisted relationship with her cousin (Mittsun, left) in “Earthlings.”
Feb 24, 2024
Sayaka Murata's 'Earthlings' is a fittingly wild ride on stage
The book’s gore and guts make for a fun, zany stage adaptation.
The Tokyo Kiki Lounge is a queer pageant, dance competition and party, known in the ball culture as a “kiki ball.”
Feb 1, 2024
You're free to be yourself at the Tokyo Kiki Lounge
The pageant, dance competition and party is a thriving safe space for Japan's queer community.


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