Mika and Jesse say their landlady prefers a hands-off style of property management, leaving all matters, including maintenence and repairs, to the renting couple.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Nov 18, 2023
Renting akiya: A backdoor into Japan's abandoned homes
“If the choice is between leaving (an akiya) empty or renting it out, please rent it out.”
At the Warhammer Store & Cafe in Tokyo's Akihabara neighborhood, fans of the tabletop franchise have room to paint, discuss lore and, of course, battle it out on spacious tables.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Nov 11, 2023
At new Tokyo hub, Warhammer fans bond over dice rolls and paint
“A few months ago, me and a lot of the guys I’m now playing with didn’t even know what Warhammer really was," says one fan from a new Akihabara store.
The Feels, a new kind of dating event for New York singles, fast-tracks intimacy by fusing mindfulness practices like meditation, unnaturally long eye contact and even feeling each other’s heartbeats.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Oct 7, 2023
Out with speed dating, in with speed intimacy
The event, known as the Feels, fast-tracks intimacy through meditation, unnaturally long eye contact and even feeling each other’s heartbeats.
What recent reports indicate is that, while abusers are being outed, the institutions that protected them for so long remain in place.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Sep 23, 2023
As #MeToo outs more abusers, is anything changing for good?
After years of assault revelations, the institutional responses that have long enabled abuse must start to change.
Drinking can be an unavoidable part of life in Japan, so what can do you to offset the worst of the damage?
LIFE / Lifestyle
Sep 23, 2023
Can't curb your drinking? These steps will reduce the harm
The current evidence makes it pretty clear that even a little alcohol is bad for your health.
Miho, a university student who asked not to be identified by her real name, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her first year of high school.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Sep 11, 2023
Lavender Ring gives cancer patients 'opportunities to smile'
The Lavender Ring project was launched by Yasuaki Misonou, a lung cancer patient, to change the image of people with the disease.
Mizuki Yoneyama is the Kodo taiko troupe's first female odaiko (large-scale drum) player, an indication that things are changing in the traditional community.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Sep 2, 2023
For these women, taiko drumming is no longer a man's art
Ensemble taiko shows were developed in the 1950s, primarily by male leaders. Women taking part in Kodo’s early recitals only performed dance routines.


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