A research team including Hokkaido University scientists has discovered the skeleton of a new dinosaur that was curled up in a position like that of a sleeping modern-day bird.
JAPAN / History
Nov 17, 2023
Team including Hokkaido University scientists unearths new dinosaur
The focal point of the discovery is that evidence of the dinosaur's behavior was preserved, something rarely seen in fossils.
People from Hawaii pray for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, on a beach in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, in 2014.
Fukushima celebrates a century of special ties with Hawaii
Residents emigrated to Hawaii and other places to cultivate undeveloped land, and made a living by working in the sugar industry.
The front page of The Japan Times from Nov. 13, 1948, heralds the verdicts given to Japan's war criminals.
Japan Times 1948: Tojo and 6 others are sentenced to hang
As sentences are handed down in 1948, two other eras deal with fallout from an earthquake and an oil shock.
Siti Chairani Proehoeman stands in front of the house and statue of her mother's uncle Achmad Mochtar in the village of Ganggo Hilia in Indonesia's West Sumatra Province on June 9.
JAPAN / History
Oct 26, 2023
Indonesian descendants of Japanese occupation victims recall pain
Although the crimes cannot be forgotten, they can be forgiven as they occurred under the extraordinary circumstances of war, the descendants have said.
Polish Ambassador to Japan Pawel Milewski (left), Polish development bank BGK President Beata Daszynska-Muzyczka (second from left), Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker and member of the Japan-Poland Parliamentary Friendship Association Hirobumi Niki (second from right), and social welfare corporation Fukudenkai President Takaaki Ota attend a ceremony at the Polish Embassy in Tokyo on Oct. 19.
JAPAN / History
Oct 26, 2023
Japan and Poland mark centennial of orphans' rescue from Siberia
The Japanese Red Cross Society conducted rescue and relief missions from 1920 to 1922 for a total of 765 Polish children.
Aiko Taniguchi (front row, center) visits Colonia Pinhal, a settlement in Sao Paulo, for the first time in 11 years and participates in a ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of its opening, in August.
JAPAN / History
Oct 19, 2023
Brazil's 'Fukui Village' celebrates its 60th anniversary
Fourteen people in three families from Fukui Prefecture first settled in Colonia Pinhal the 1960s.
Students from Kyushu Sangyo University hold their paintings alongside three atomic bomb survivors whom they spoke with in a bid to depict hibakusha experiences on canvas, in Fukuoka in July.
JAPAN / History
Oct 10, 2023
A-bomb survivors' experiences told through student art project
A-bomb survivors in Fukuoka reached out to Kyushu Sangyo University and asked art students there to create paintings to be used during talks.


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