Dec 3, 2017

Justice in the former Yugoslavia

Verdicts in war crimes trials are vital to remind us that such injustices can and do occur, and that those who commit them will be held accountable for their misdeeds.

Dec 1, 2017

Sato column lacked proper perspective


I am perplexed by Hiroaki Sato's article, "'Comfort women' issue is far from black and white," that was published Oct. 27. Why did Sato scrutinize the input made by Elaine Kim and Dara Kay Cohen in the New Yorker article, "An Important Statue for 'Comfort ...

Nov 29, 2017

Kim refuses to be intimidated

Sticks may be more tempting than carrots, but the challenge for the U.S. and Japan is to articulate a diplomatic settlement that Pyongyang can support.