Editorials Apr 21, 2019

Jokowi wins a second term

Indonesian President Joko Widodo should use his second term to double down on his reform efforts as well as resist more strongly the creep of hard-line Islam into what has been a model of tolerance for the Muslim world.

Editorials Apr 13, 2019

Keeping convenience sustainable

Moves are afoot among major convenience store chains to review the uniform 24-hour operation of their stores, the standard industry practice since Seven-Eleven Japan Co. started it a year after it opened its first outlet in 1974. The sustainability of 24-hour operations came under ...

Editorials Apr 11, 2019

'A delicate moment' for the global economy

The biggest cloud hanging over the international economy is the prospect of a trade war between the United States and China, and a concomitant erosion of the commitment to free and open trade.