The Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia. Current and former U.S. officials say the Pentagon may have to revisit assumptions about military needs in the Middle East if the crisis deepens.
Apr 20, 2024
U.S. military strategy tested as Iran-Israel warfare comes out of shadows
The tit-for-tat attacks have raised fears of an unpredictable regional war that the United States has sought to prevent.
People walk past a mural depicting Iranian missiles in Tehran on Thursday.
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Apr 20, 2024
Israel's Iran attack carefully calibrated after internal splits, U.S. pressure
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's war Cabinet had initially approved plans for a strike on Monday night, but held back at the last-minute.
Iran is now enriching uranium to up to 60% purity and has enough material enriched to that level, if enriched further, for two nuclear weapons, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency's theoretical definition.
Apr 19, 2024
As the 2015 nuclear deal crumbles, how close is Iran to weaponization?
With the possibility of Israel retaliating, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander said the nation might review its "nuclear doctrine."
Israel's Iron Dome antimissile system intercepts rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, as seen from Ashkelon, Israel, on Jan 15.
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Apr 19, 2024
In any air war, Israel's defenses would trump Iran's, but at a high cost
Iran's obsolete air force means Israel would have few problems striking back, but diplomatic and strategic costs serve as a strong deterrent.
A Ukrainian lieutenant colonel examines the remains of his aircraft on the outskirts of the town of Izyum, Kharkiv region, on Wednesday.
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Apr 19, 2024
Ukraine’s allies see bleak times without more air defenses
G7 ministers are expected to agree to step up shipments of military equipment and to reaffirm their "unwavering determination” to support Ukraine.
Polling officials arrive to collect their order of appointment of polling officers ahead of the first phase of the general election, in Tiruvannamalai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, on Thursday.
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Apr 18, 2024
How AI tools could change India’s elections
The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the opposition Indian National Congress party have accused each other of spreading election-related fake content.
An Iron Dome missile battery site in southern Israel on April 17
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Apr 18, 2024
For Israel, Iran crisis tests limits of allies' aid and domestic unity
Rather than offering to fight for Israel as they have in the past, Western allies are suggesting that no one challenge Iran militarily just now.


Historically, kabuki was considered the entertainment of the merchant and peasant classes, a far cry from how it is regarded today.
For Japan's oldest kabuki theater, the show must go on