Johnny Depp to play American photographer in 'Minamata'

Language Nov 5, 2018

Johnny Depp to play American photographer in 'Minamata'

Popular American actor Johnny Depp will play the lead role of Eugene Smith in the movie "Minamata" (original title), which depicts the life of the master photographer who reported on Minamata disease to the world, and whose death 40 years ago is being commemorated ...

Language | WELL SAID Oct 29, 2018

Do this, don't do that: The imperative and prohibitive in Japanese

Mata aō. Tokidoki renraku shiro yo. (Let's meet again. Keep in touch from time to time.) Situation 1: Mr. Okubo and his old friend Mr. Yamada, who met for the first time in a while, say goodbye after drinking. 大久保: きょうは楽しかったな。また会おう。ときどき連絡しろよ。 山田: うん。大久保もあんまり無理するなよ。 Ōkubo: Kyō wa tanoshikatta na. ...