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Fujifilm to resume sales of black-and-white film in Japan

Kyodo, JIJI

Fujifilm Corp. said Monday it will resume sales of black-and-white film this fall in Japan after a one-year hiatus, in response to calls from fans of monochrome photography.

The company began selling monochrome photographic film in 1936 but ceased sales around October last year, citing declining demand, the widespread use of digital cameras as well as difficulties in obtaining materials for production.

The company will resume sales to meet demand from young people as well as older photography enthusiasts who want to take monochrome pictures to post on social networking sites, it said.

Fujifilm received numerous requests for black-and-white film to be sold again, including from young social media users attracted by the aesthetic qualities of monochrome photography.

Since the termination of sales, some information has been posted online that describes how to use out-of-date film to produce unique, attractive pictures.

The new product will be called “Neopan Acros 100II.” Its production has been made possible by the discovery and use of substitutes for materials that are hard to procure, Fujifilm said. Its price has yet to be set.

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