Kei Hirata earns second shot with Thunder Girls

Basketball / NBA | HOOP SCOOP Aug 11, 2018

Kei Hirata earns second shot with Thunder Girls

by Ed Odeven

Passion is something that younger and older generations can both detect immediately. After all, it's either there or it isn't. When elementary school students encouraged Kei Hirata to return to cheerleading overseas, their support inspired her. She decided to pursue her passion once again. Now, almost a ...

Basketball / NBA Aug 7, 2018

Seattle to host first NBA game since Sonics left a decade ago

Seattle will host its first NBA game since the Seattle SuperSonics left town after the 2007-08 season and moved to Oklahoma City, the Golden State Warriors announced on Monday when they released their full preseason schedule. Kevin Durant, who played his rookie season in Seattle, ...

Kanter lashes out over Turkish arrest warrant

Basketball / NBA May 27, 2017

Kanter lashes out over Turkish arrest warrant

Enes Kanter, the Turkish NBA star whose home country has revoked his passport, on Friday expressed disdain on social media at reports that Turkey's government had issued a warrant for his arrest. "You can't catch me. Don't waste your breath. I will come on my ...

Basketball / NBA | NBA REPORT Feb 6, 2013

Harden the loser in trade from OKC

by Sam Smith

The Houston Rockets are going to make the playoffs, and without trading for James Harden there basically was no chance they would. The Oklahoma City Thunder still are among the top five contenders for the NBA championship, but not likely as strong a contender ...