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Taiwan Deputy Foreign Minister Tien Chung-kwang speaks during a news conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei on Monday.
Jan 15, 2024
China steps up Taiwan isolation after election, peeling off ally Nauru
One of Taiwan’s last diplomatic allies severed relations with the island and switched its alliance to China, after Taipei elected a new leader Beijing views as "separatist.”
Buildings in Xiamen on mainland China across the Taiwan Strait from anti-landing barriers on a beach in Kinmen, Taiwan.
Dec 20, 2023
Taiwan’s ability to defend against Chinese invasion questioned
For all the support given by Washington, the reality is that when it comes to both civil and military defense, Taiwan still has a lot to do.
Ko Wen-je (right) and his running mate, Cynthia Wu, on Friday.
Nov 27, 2023
Taiwan’s latest poll shows outsider leading presidential race
Ko Wen-je, the Taiwan People’s Party’s nominee, had an approval rating of 31.9% versus 29.2% for Democratic Progressive Party’s Lai Ching-te.
Japan Times
Jul 7, 2023
Musk ultimatum to Taiwan imperils its push to war-proof internet
His Starlink network offers one solution, but Taiwan’s is wary of the billionaire and his deep business ties to Beijing.
Japan Times
May 30, 2023
Taiwan rushes to prevent China from cutting off internet and phones
Taiwan’s leaders want to accelerate plans to make the island more resilient to communications breakdowns and direct attacks on its digital infrastructure.
Japan Times
Apr 4, 2023
Taiwan defends plans to meet U.S. lawmakers as China threatens response
U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed that the expected meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen will take place at the Reagan Presidential Library in Southern California.
Japan Times
Apr 1, 2023
How the White House tried to keep China calm during Taiwan leader's U.S. visit
Although China already has protested the visit, several people familiar with the matter say they believe China’s response may be more muted than earlier feared.
Japan Times
Mar 21, 2023
Taiwan leader’s plan to visit U.S. set to test Xi’s new peacemaker image
The meeting comes at a delicate time for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is seeking to bolster his credentials as a stable geopolitical mediator
Japan Times
Nov 22, 2022
Taiwan's Kuomintang finds new star in great grandson of Chinese nationalist leader
Chiang Wan-an was a teenager when his father sat him down to tell him he is the great-grandson of Chiang Kai-shek, the Chinese nationalist leader who fought Mao Zedongu2019s Communists forces.
Japan Times
Oct 31, 2022
Taiwan tensions raise alarms over risks to world’s subsea cables
A disruption in a conflict with China could result in Taiwan getting cut off from the world, similar to what happened to the Pacific Island nation of Tonga earlier this year.
Japan Times
Sep 1, 2022
Taiwan shoots down drone, highlighting risk of escalation with China
Taiwanese troops shot the drone down near Kinmen Island around noon Thursday after attempts to repel it failed.
Japan Times
Aug 8, 2022
China holds fresh military drills around Taiwan
The exercises, the PLA's Eastern Command said, were "focusing on organizing joint anti-submarine and sea assault operations."
Japan Times
Aug 5, 2022
Taiwan faces urgent fighter pilot shortage as Xi tests defenses
Officials say Chinese President Xi Jinping may have the capability to take action across the Taiwan Strait in as soon as five years, and the daily incursions are wearing down Taiwanu2019s pilots.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Jul 19, 2022
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan despite China warnings, report says
The reported trip by a delegation to Taipei, planned for August, would be the first to the democratically governed island in 25 years.
Japan Times
Feb 21, 2022
Mike Pompeo to make Taiwan trip in rare visit by former top U.S. diplomat
Pompeo, a potential Republican presidential contender, will visit Taiwan from March 2 to March 5.
Japan Times
Feb 17, 2022
Taiwan sees China's Xi as too focused on party reshuffle for any attack
The Taiwanese government has assessed the current risk of a Chinese attack to be low, regardless of what happens between Russia and Ukraine.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Jan 7, 2022
Taiwan’s 2021 exports soar to new record on tech demand
The island saw double-digit growth for a tenth month, with 2021 shipments reaching $446 billion due to soaring demand for technology products and components.
Japan Times
Dec 9, 2021
TSMC leads rush for renewables ahead of Taiwan energy vote
This month, Taiwan will hold a referendum that could have far-reaching effects on the worldu2019s supply of semiconductors.
Japan Times
Dec 1, 2021
Invasion of Taiwan by China would be ‘economic suicide,’ former PM Abe warns
The former Japanese leader singled out Chinese President Xi Jinping, in particular, saying that he "should never have a misunderstanding in recognizing this."
Japan Times
Nov 18, 2021
Biden’s Taiwan gaffes risk real-world consequences
Washington needed to clarify his remarks on Taiwan four times in as many months u2014 with tensions in the Indo-Pacific already high.


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