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Japan Times
Oct 2, 2022
For Constance Wu, there’s more to the story
The actor reveals her isolation, racism in her career and how she's moving on in her memoir, “Making a Scene.”
Japan Times
Oct 1, 2022
Emperor and empress make first trip outside Tokyo since COVID-19 outbreak
Other than their visit to London for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, this marked the imperial couple's first trip outside Tokyo since the COVID-19 outbreak.
Japan Times
Sep 29, 2022
‘Tatami Time Machine Blues’: Kyoto slackers return for summer fun
Anime director Shingo Natsume seamlessly takes up the mantel to revisit the characters from 'The Tatami Galaxy' for new hijinks and a jaunt through time to retrieve a broken remote control.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Sep 26, 2022
Long burdened by costly funerals, Japan embraces simple goodbyes
While much of the recent decline was due to people opting for small-scale ceremonies to avoid the spread of COVID, many say the change is both overdue and unlikely to be fully reversed.
Japan Times
Sep 22, 2022
Jenny Xie explores the subversive power of the concealed and the overlooked
In her new poetry collection, “The Rupture Tense,” Xie peeks at the past to examine the consequences of “how we see, what we see, and also what we allow to remain unseen.”
Japan Times
LIFE / Digital
Sep 15, 2022
Elden Ring takes top honors at the Japan Game Awards
Hidetaka Miyazaki, Elden Ring director and FromSoftware president, took away three prizes by the time the final honoree was named.
Japan Times
Sep 12, 2022
Many 'Abenomask' applicants rejected without notice
Some 370,000 applications for 290 million masks were made during a one-month period, against about 71 million masks left in inventory.
Japan Times
Sep 11, 2022
‘The Fish Tale’: Non exudes natural charm as an oddball fish devotee
Non brings a bubbly energy and rock-solid commitment to Shuichi Okita's film based on the autobiography of TV personality Sakana-kun.
Japan Times
Aug 31, 2022
Schools in China face third year of disrupted schedules and demanding COVID controls
Schools in major cities and across the country have postponed classes in an effort to get virus flare-ups under control.
Japan Times
Aug 30, 2022
Secret data, tiny islands and a quest for treasure on the ocean floor
Mining firm The Metals Co. has worked hard to gain access to mineral-rich sea beds it says will help power the EV revolution, but its proposed operations worry environmentalists.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Aug 14, 2022
Rushdie attack recalls 1991 killing of his Japanese translator
Hitoshi Igarashi was stabbed to death at Tsukuba University, where he taught comparative Islamic culture — the crime remains unsolved.
Japan Times
Aug 8, 2022
Self-Defense Forces member attacked in Solomon Islands
The injured man was a 27-year-old media spokesman on the MSDF's Kirisame destroyer, which was visiting as part of a regional training exercise, a Japanese Embassy official said.
Japan Times
Aug 4, 2022
Reeling All Blacks desperate to bounce back in South Africa
'There's nothing better than the challenge of playing South Africa in South Africa, we know what's coming, and it's up to us as players to own our part of it and get our own stuff right.'
Japan Times
Jul 23, 2022
Undeterred by higher prices, Japanese line up for eel on Day of the Ox
Shops in Japan attracted hordes of customers Saturday, this year's Day of the Ox, despite price hikes resulting from poor eel catches and higher transportation costs.
Japan Times
Jul 15, 2022
Opposition seeks answers after heavy Upper House election defeat
Japan's Upper House election should have been a far more contested vote than it was, but the opposition once again failed to make the right moves.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health / Longform
Jun 13, 2022
As COVID-19 fears subside, Japan debates the future of masks
How much longer before the nation reaches a tipping point when people start ditching their masks en masse?
Japan Times
Jun 12, 2022
Director Werner Herzog finally finds his medium
The filmmaker behind “Grizzly Man” and “Fitzcarraldo” makes a late-career foray into fiction with “The Twilight World,” a new book about a real-life Japanese intelligence officer.
Japan Times
Jun 8, 2022
Lightning cruise past Rangers to even NHL East finals at two games each
It is the first time the home teams have won the first four respective games of a conference final series since 1991.
Japan Times
May 12, 2022
'All the Lovers in the Night' ignites a spark of hope for lonely hearts
Author Mieko Kawakami imagines love reflecting the properties of light in her latest English release about the universality of loneliness.
Japan Times
May 7, 2022
Manga of book on Soviet women's war tales captivates Japanese readers
A manga adaptation of a Nobel winner's book on the experiences of women who served in the Soviet Union's campaign against Germany in World War II is proving a timely success among Japanese readers looking to better understand war amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


People wait for the main act to begin at Summer Sonic, which holds simultaneous music festivals for those in Tokyo and Osaka.
Can Japan's summer music festivals adapt to a post-pandemic reality?