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Virgilio Martinez (left) and Santiago Fernandez, head chef at Tokyo's Maz, are finding massive success bringing elevated Latin American cuisine to Japanese diners.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Feb 18, 2024
At two-starred Maz, ‘the experience extends beyond the meal’
“We see Maz as a kind of ‘culture house’ for Latin America in Japan,” says head chef Santiago Fernandez.
Michelin guides are published yearly, but there are only a handful of Black chefs whose restaurants have been awarded Michelin stars.
Feb 9, 2024
Black chefs are scoring with new Michelin stars; but they deserve more
Michelin stars were recently announced for restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland: The number of Black chefs increased, but the pace is still too slow.
Beet carpaccio served with fresh cream and caviar, the signature dish of three-Michelin-star chef Mauro Colagreco, features at Cycle, his much-anticipated new restaurant in Otemachi.
Dec 9, 2023
Tokyo dining finally kicked the pandemic blues in 2023
The further we got into 2023, the more it really started to feel like COVID-19 had finally dissipated like a malodorous mist.
From a ceremony in Turku, Finland, the Michelin Guide announced the world's crop of starred restaurants for 2024.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Dec 8, 2023
183 Tokyo restaurants awarded Michelin stars for 2024
High-end sushi restaurant Harutaka is the newest addition to the city’s three-Michelin-star club.
Chef Stuart Brioza (left) of San Francisco’s State Bird Provisions explores the vineyard at Domaine Takahiko in Yoichi, together with his partner, Nicole Krasinski, and their son, Jasper.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Oct 22, 2023
A California chef's quest across Hokkaido for umami
Acclaimed chef Stuart Brioza has been to Hokkaido many times — but never with a focus like this on the island’s stunning natural bounty.
Pictured in his Kyoto kitchen, Alain Ducasse has the largest collection of Michelin stars of any chef alive — not that he puts much stock in such accolades.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Sep 3, 2023
Alain Ducasse: ‘The Kyoto customer wants refinement’
The world’s most Michelin-starred chef sees those stars as a “reward” instead of an “objective.”
L'aube's new restaurant in Roppongi offers 50% more floorspace than its previous Akabanebashi location.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Jul 29, 2023
A new day dawns for Michelin-starred L'aube
The French restaurant has a new home in Roppongi, but everything that brought it culinary acclaim remains.
Japan Times
Jul 13, 2023
Michelin Japan creating 3D printed future for emerging businesses
Michelin AM Atelier combines 3D metal printers with unique additive manufacturing technology by which objects are created through a process of layering material.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Jun 21, 2023
Three in Japan break into World’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings
The top accolades of the evening went to Central (Lima, Peru), but Japan’s influence can be found up and down the list.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink / Destination Restaurants
Jun 11, 2023
Villa del Nido: Local produce, Italian technique, volcanic backdrop
Tucked away among the smallholdings of a rural community in Unzen City, it seems an unlikely setting for Villa del Nido’s sophisticated, Italian-accented, farm-to-table cuisine.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Apr 23, 2023
Japan tastes success at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony
The evening in Singapore marked the first full, in-person night of awards since the pandemic began.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Apr 12, 2023
At Noma Kyoto, chef Rene Redzepi plants ‘seeds’ for the future
The world's best chef is experimenting with the next phase of fine dining at his Kyoto pop-up.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Mar 30, 2023
10 in Japan — and 7 in Tokyo — named among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants
This year is a slight step backward for Japan's culinary scene, but how long will that dip last?
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink / Destination Restaurants
Jan 15, 2023
L’Atelier de Noto: Peninsular cuisine with a French accent
Located about two hours from tourist-heavy Kanazawa, this modern French restaurant tucked away in tranquil Wajima takes full advantage of the Noto Peninsula's bounty of land and sea.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Jan 10, 2023
Noma, rated the world’s best restaurant, is closing its doors
Is the end of Rene Redzepi's acclaimed restaurant the canary in fine dining's coal mine?
Japan Times
Dec 31, 2022
With borders reopened, Tokyo dining closed 2022 on a welcome high
For all the ups and downs of 2022, Tokyo's culinary scene seems poised for a big year in 2023.
Japan Times
Nov 27, 2022
Noma sets sights on Kyoto, and diners bite in droves
The acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant's second extended residence in Japan shifts to the country's ancient capital.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink / Top 5
Nov 20, 2022
Savoring the subcontinent: Tokyo's best Indian eats
Ever since 1927, when the the first 'authentic' curry in Japan was served, top-shelf samosas, masala chana and naan have only ever been a short trip away for Tokyoites.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink
Nov 18, 2022
Michelin awards 200 Tokyo restaurants a total 263 stars for 2023
Between Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, nearly 400 restaurants in Japan proved worthy of at least one illustrious Michelin star.
Japan Times
Oct 16, 2022
From ‘gastrobar’ origins, Tinc Gana elevates modern Spanish cuisine
Chef Jerome Quilbeuf prefers to start each meal with “the finest cured ham in the world.'


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The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan