Tokyo didn’t take the top spot in Asia’s latest culinary rankings, but it — and the rest of the country — are all over the rest of the leaderboard.

In the newly released list of Asia’s premier eateries, the 50 Best organization highlighted 10 restaurants across the Japanese archipelago as 2023’s cream of the crop. Of those, seven call Tokyo home, including mainstays Sezanne (No. 2) and Narisawa (No. 10) as well as occasional standouts like L’Effervescence (No. 44).

While Tokyo’s seven awardees were good for the second-best represented city among the top 50, both Singapore and Bangkok, host of top spot-winner Le Du, edged out the Japanese capital with nine each. The highest awardee of last year, Tokyo’s Den, also slipped three spots to No. 4 in the 2023 rankings.