World Mar 29, 2020

Saudi Arabian forces destroy Houthi ballistic missile fired over Riyadh

Saudi Arabia's Air Defense Forces intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile over the capital around midnight, state media said early Sunday. Residents of Riyadh reported on social media hearing loud explosions in the middle of the night. Minutes later, state media carried a statement by ...

World Jan 19, 2020

Houthi attack on Yemeni military training camp kills 60

Iran-aligned Houthis attacked a military training camp in the Yemeni city of Marib on Saturday, killing 60 military personnel and wounding dozens others, Saudi state television said on Saturday evening. Al Ekhbariya television quoted sources as saying the attack was carried out with ballistic missiles ...

Dengue fever finds breeding ground in war-weary Yemen

World / Science & Health Dec 17, 2019

Dengue fever finds breeding ground in war-weary Yemen

Ibrahim Ali al-Jadari's four teenage daughters lie at home on intravenous drips that will soon run out as they, like tens of thousands of other Yemenis, battle a seasonal surge of dengue fever. Mosquito-borne dengue is the latest challenge facing Yemenis who have endured almost ...