World Jan 14, 2020

European nations launch dispute over Iran's nuclear activity

Britain, France and Germany say they are triggering a dispute mechanism that is part of the nuclear deal with Iran over its failure to live up to terms of the pact. The leaders of the three nations said in a statement Tuesday that they've been ...

World / Science & Health Jan 9, 2020

U.S. won't yet ban exports of bomb-grade uranium

The U.S. Energy Department has waived a ban on licenses for the export of weapons-grade uranium for making medical isotopes, a move that critics said raises proliferation risks and undermines companies that are converting to safer materials. Highly enriched uranium (HEU) is commonly used to ...

U.N. chief intends to visit Hiroshima during Tokyo Olympics

National Jan 6, 2020

U.N. chief intends to visit Hiroshima during Tokyo Olympics

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said he intends to visit Hiroshima in August a few days before attending the closing ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics, instead of the opening ceremony, sources close to the matter said Sunday. The plan reflects Guterres' desire to highlight ...