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The West in developing its response to the new Russia-North Korea alliance should leverage the strategic incongruence between China and its junior allies.
Jul 19, 2024
What to make of Russia and North Korea's new relationship
Russia and North Korea's military alliance has unnerved China as much as it has the U.S. and its Asian allies owing to its potential to destabilize the region.
The North Korean flag flutters at the North Korea consular office in Dandong, China, on April 20, 2021.
Jul 17, 2024
'Shocking': U.N. report details North Korea's widespread forced labor
In a damning report, the U.N. rights office detailed how people in North Korea have been "controlled and exploited."
North Korean soldiers look toward the South side of the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing the two Koreas on April 16.
Jul 16, 2024
High-ranking North Korean diplomat in Cuba defected to South
The defection came around three months before Seoul and Havana — one of Pyongyang's oldest allies — announced they were establishing diplomatic ties.
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol speaks to the press during the NATO 75th anniversary summit in Washington on Thursday.
Jul 12, 2024
South Korea to deploy 'StarWars' lasers against Pyongyang's drones
The new laser weapons are apparently invisible and noise-free, require no additional ammunition, operate solely on electricity and are cheap to use.
Ground Self-Defense Force troops conduct a military drill on the uninhabited island of Irisuna in Okinawa Prefecture in November.
JAPAN / Politics
Jul 12, 2024
Japan’s new defense white paper delivers strongest words yet on Taiwan
Tokyo pins the blame squarely on China's large-scale military exercises around the democratically ruled island for continued tensions in the region.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks to reporters in Tokyo on Wednesday before leaving for Washington for NATO meetings.
JAPAN / Politics
Jul 11, 2024
Kishida and Yoon vow cooperation over Russia-North Korea ties
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a mutual defense pledge with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month.
Then-U.S. President Donald Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi in February 2019. At the summit, Trump lost his patience and cut negotiations with Kim short just as they were gaining momentum.
Jul 10, 2024
Blame Trump for North Korea’s saber-rattling
What would have happened if Donald Trump hadn't failed to capitalize on Kim Jong Un's willingness to deescalate by losing his patience on that fateful February day?
Russian President Vladimir Putin decorates Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called during a ceremony following their talks at the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday.
WORLD / Politics
Jul 10, 2024
Global ‘outcast’ Putin meeting a lot of world leaders
In just two months since he began his fifth presidential term in May, Putin has held more than 20 meetings with world leaders.
South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol at a recent meeting at the Blue House in Seoul on May 27
Jul 8, 2024
South Korea's Yoon to discuss Pyongyang's 'distinct threat' to Europe at NATO meet
Yoon, who became the first South Korean leader to attend a NATO summit in 2022, was to take part in his third such meeting later this week.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends the 10th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea in Pyongyang in this photo released on Tuesday.
Jul 2, 2024
North Korea says it tested ballistic missile capable of carrying super-large warhead
The country will conduct another launch of the same type of missile in July to test the "explosion power" of the super-large warhead, according to its state news agency.
People watch a news broadcast of a North Korean missile test, at the main rail station in Seoul on Monday.
Jul 1, 2024
North Korea fires two missiles, with one possibly failing near Pyongyang
The launches came just days after large-scale military exercises between South Korea, Japan and the United States concluded.
Self-Defense Force troops take part in an amphibious landing exercise on Tokunoshima island in Kagoshima Prefecture last November.
JAPAN / Politics / FOCUS
Jul 1, 2024
Japan's SDF marks 70th anniversary as it faces change and challenges
The SDF is grappling with dramatic policy shifts while facing down challenges ranging from recruitment to rising Chinese military assertiveness.
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol speaks during a visit to the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier last Tuesday during its port call in Busan, South Korea.
Jun 30, 2024
North Korea labels South Korea-U.S.-Japan ties Asia's version of NATO
North Korea criticized a joint military exercise by South Korea, Japan and the United States, which highlighted the three countries' growing security ties.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ride in an Aurus car in Pyongyang in this image released on June 20.
Jun 29, 2024
Russian-made car that Putin gifted to Kim uses South Korean parts, data shows
Customs records show that the company that builds the car uses millions of dollars in imported parts, many arriving in Russia from South Korea.
North Korea's claimed successful separation and guidance control test of individual mobile warheads is seen in this image released Thursday.
Jun 27, 2024
In a first, North Korea claims successful multiple-warhead missile test
Such a capability would potentially allow Pyongyang to use a single missile to drop nuclear warheads on a broad swath of targets.
A vapor trail believed to be created by a North Korean ballistic missile is seen from South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island near the two countries' maritime boundary on Wednesday.
Jun 26, 2024
North Korea missile launch ends in midair explosion, Seoul says
The launch came as the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier visited South Korea for joint military exercises with Seoul and Tokyo.
News of a North Korean missile launch is shown at a the main rail station in Seoul on May 30.
Jun 25, 2024
State-run think tank makes rare call for Seoul to consider own nukes
While discussions have grown about Seoul deploying or building it own nuclear weapons, it is extremely unusual for a state-run body to broach the issue.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin take part in a welcoming ceremony in Pyongyang on Wednesday.
Jun 23, 2024
Playing a risky 21st-century game of ‘Russian roulette’
The U.S. and its allies should reinforce the rule of law and resist the destabilizing efforts of Russia, North Korea, China and Iran.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un holds a reception for Russian President Vladimir Putin in Pyongyang on Wednesday. Agreements reached by the two leaders this time were tactical in nature and hardly strategic.
Jun 22, 2024
Putin’s Pyongyang visit, pivotal talks and a generational shift reshape regional dynamics
The move by Russia and North Korea this time is tactical in nature and hardly strategic.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Vietnam President To Lam during a reception in Hanoi on Thursday
Jun 23, 2024
Putin came to Asia to disrupt, and he succeeded
After stops in Pyongyang, North Korea, and Hanoi, Vietnam, last week that were draped in communist red, Putin left behind a redrawn map of risk in Asia.


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