Fork hides noodle-slurping sounds

National / Media | Pulsations Oct 28, 2017

Fork hides noodle-slurping sounds

by Natsumi Komiyama

Instant noodle producer Nissin Food Products has created a "noise-canceling" fork to mask the sound of someone exuberantly slurping down a mouthful of noodles. Named "Otohiko," the utensil has been developed in an attempt to disguise the excessive slurping sounds that can be found emanating ...

Digital | Japan Pulse Sep 5, 2015

J-blip: Ipsa's Face Melody

by Tom Hanaway

Every face has a name, a story and . . . a song? That’s the idea behind cosmetic company Ipsa’s newest creation. We should, uh, take it at face value, but the company claims that its Face Melody program can measure the user’s appearance and ...