Forget about inflation or freezing weather — it’s time to worry about “sushi terrorism.”

The term (“sushi tero” in Japanese) started popping up on Twitter following a video clip widely shared on the platform of a blond-haired youth at a Sushiro kaiten (conveyor belt) restaurant- licking the tips of soy sauce bottles and the insides of cups before running his spit-covered finger over a passing piece of fish on the conveyor belt. While the clip appeared to originally be shared as an Instagram Story, the footage spread quickly online before making the rounds on broadcast news.

That wasn’t the only recent video of people acting inappropriately at sushi chains circulating. Earlier in January, an upload showing someone dropping chunks of wasabi onto orders passing by on a conveyor belt made the rounds, as did footage of a patron swiping other people’s orders. Another young person stuffed green tea powder into their mouth before blasting it out WWE-style.