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An Aeon store in Yokohama in 2022. Aeon currently employs about 1,500 specified skilled workers group-wide.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 26, 2024
Aeon to ramp up hiring of foreign workers under specified skills visa framework
The retail giant is planning to employ 4,000 foreign workers with specified skilled worker visas by 2030 amid a labor shortage.
Speculation has been swirling for months over the fate of Ito-Yokado, which was Seven & I's original retail franchise before it bought 7-Eleven and turned it into a large, successful business.
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 10, 2024
Seven & I set to split 7-Eleven from original Ito-Yokado stores
Ito-Yokado was the company’s original franchise before it bought 7-Eleven and turned it into a successful business.
The giant green signs of this supermarket chain can be slightly intimidating, but chefs of all stripes are welcome in Gyomu's aisles.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Mar 31, 2024
In praise of Gyomu Super, a gem of Japanese grocery shopping
With a name that translates to something like “commercial supermarket,” you might assume Gyomu is just a restaurant supply chain.
A Costco store in Illinois
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 13, 2024
Costco’s Japan unit warned by FTC after cutting subcontractor payments
Bakery and food suppliers saw their compensation reduced by ¥33.5 million from 2021 to 2023, the agency has said.
An Ito Yokado store in the city of Fukushima. As part of its structural reform, Ito-Yokado will focus on urban areas including the Tokyo metropolitan area.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 10, 2024
Struggling unit of 7-Eleven's parent company to exit central and northern Japan
The Seven & I Holdings unit will close five of its 17 stores in the regions and hand over 11 to other supermarket operators.
Shoppers browse vegetables at a supermarket in Chiba. Sales at all supermarkets totaled ¥13.56 trillion, with price hikes in food items boosting overall sales despite shoppers buying fewer items, according to the Japan Chain Stores Association.
Jan 23, 2024
Japan's supermarket sales grow 2.4% in 2023 on price hikes
Sales at all supermarkets totaled ¥13.56 trillion ($91.9 billion), with price hikes in food items boosting overall sales despite shoppers buying fewer items.
Major supermarket chain Daiei opened a checkout-free, walk-through store in the CeeU Yokohama mall on Friday.
Oct 27, 2023
At new Japan supermarket outlet, high tech runs the store
The system replaces cash registers with a network of cameras, weight sensors and a smartphone app.
Bento boxes at OK's new store in Tokyo's upscale Ginza district on Tuesday
Oct 18, 2023
Discount supermarket OK opens store in Tokyo's posh Ginza district
Discount supermarket operator OK opened a store in Tokyo's upscale Ginza district, aiming to cater to foreign tourists and restaurant operators.
Supermarket owner Takashi Nakajima, 67, prepares raw fish to sell at his store, near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture.
BUSINESS / Economy
Aug 22, 2023
For Fukushima shop owner, water release spells battle for survival
Japan said on Tuesday it would start discharging more than 1 million metric tons of the treated water on Thursday
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 13, 2023
Masatoshi Ito, founder of Japanese retailer Ito-Yokado, dies at 98
The company Ito founded was the predecessor to Seven & I Holdings, operator of more than 83,000 7-Elevens dotting the globe, with about a fourth of them in Japan.
Japan Times
Mar 12, 2023
Survey finds 1 in 4 will still wear masks in Japan despite eased COVID-19 rules
A survey has found that 1 in 4 people in Japan said they will continue to wear face masks in all social settings, even after the easing of COVID-19 guidelines on face coverings Monday.
Japan Times
Mar 9, 2023
Seven & I Holdings to cut over 20% of Ito-Yokado stores and exit apparel business
Ito-Yokado will close 33 unprofitable or low-profit margin outlets in Japan by the end of February 2026.
Japan Times
Jul 1, 2022
Summer food price hikes to hit Japan
The total number of food items subject to price hikes this year has reached 15,257. The figure is highly likely to surpass 20,000 by year-end.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Jun 20, 2022
Food prices rising in Japan on raw material and crude oil costs
While supermarket operators decide the price of products sold at stores, many of them have passed on rising costs from food manufacturers as they struggle to absorb price hikes.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 12, 2022
Japanese retailer Lawson Inc. considers Seijo Ishii IPO
A listing for Seijo Ishii would test investor appetite for retailers in a country where household spending has been under pressure for decades.
Japan Times
Nov 26, 2021
Black Friday sales make inroads in Japan, but not all retailers are buying in
Public recognition of the retail bonanza has soared in recent years, with major franchises rolling out discount campaigns.
Japan Times
Nov 24, 2021
Black Friday blowout: Japan retailers embracing U.S. shopping period
After struggling to lure customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan's department stores and online retailers are hoping Black Friday has the cure for what ails.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 20, 2021
SoftBank’s $120 million Norway deal taps value of high-cost labor
The Asian giant's investment model in the Nordics suggests a cheap workforce isn't the competitive parameter it once was.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Regional Voices: Tohoku
Jan 29, 2021
Fukushima businesses struggling to stay afloat despite government help
Financial issues will not end soon, given that only a portion of the residents who evacuated from disaster-stricken areas have returned or are expected to.
Japan Times
Jan 22, 2021
China’s disputed virus theory has shoppers shunning foreign food
The consumer distrust is being fueled at least partly by statements from the government, which has taken increasingly drastic steps to curb the risk of the virus spreading via food imports.


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