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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (left) and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk shake hands as they attend a press conference in Warsaw on Tuesday.
WORLD / Politics
Jul 3, 2024
Scholz bets on closer Poland ties with France's future uncertain
The two will seek to maintain strong ties with France’s Emmanuel Macron irrespective of the parliamentary election results.
The Russia-Estonia frontier at Narva has long been a flash point for tensions.
WORLD / Politics
Jun 20, 2024
NATO watches eastern border as Russia's hybrid tactics open 'second front'
Acts intended to provoke and destabilize nations that share a frontier with Russia and Belarus have grown in frequency since Russia began its war on Ukraine.
Alternative for Germany (AfD) party co-leaders Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla react to results after the polls closed in the European Parliament elections in Berlin on June 9.
WORLD / Politics
Jun 13, 2024
How the far right gained traction with Europe's youth
In short, being more proficient than their mainstream counterparts in young voters' preferred channels of communication — apps such as TikTok, YouTube and Telegram.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen attends a news conference in Berlin on Monday.
WORLD / Politics
Jun 11, 2024
EU centrists work to build coalition after far-right parties gain in vote
The rightward shift may make it tougher to pass new legislation to respond to security challenges, climate change or industrial competition from China and the U.S.
The European Union has repeatedly warned while heading into the June 6 to June 9 vote that Russia would ramp up disinformation campaigns in the 27-country bloc.
WORLD / Politics
Jun 5, 2024
France, Germany, Poland facing 'permanent' Russian disinformation attacks: EU
The European Union has repeatedly warned while heading into the June 6 to June 9 vote that Russia would ramp up disinformation campaigns in the 27-country bloc.
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski speaks during an interview in Warsaw on Tuesday.
JAPAN / Politics
May 24, 2024
Poland and Japan can cooperate over Ukraine reconstruction
The two countries can work together to reconstruct Ukraine, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said in a recent interview.
Jordan Bardella, President of the French far-right National Rally party, gestures he attends a political rally during the party's campaign for the European elections in Perpignan, France, on May 1.
WORLD / Politics
May 6, 2024
Just how dangerous is Europe’s rising far right?
Anti-immigration parties with fascist roots — and an uncertain commitment to democracy — are now mainstream.
Polish President Andrzej Duda speaks during a news conference at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on March 14.
Apr 22, 2024
Poland 'ready' to host nuclear weapons, president says
Discussions about nuclear cooperation between the U.S. and Poland have been in the works for some time.
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the 344th Army Aviation Center of aircrews combat training and transition in Torzhok in the Tver region of Russia on Wednesday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 28, 2024
Putin says Russia will not attack NATO but will shoot down Ukraine's F-16s
F-16s sent for use in Ukraine's war effort and used from airfields in third countries would "become for us legitimate targets," the Russian leader said.
Polish soldiers near a K2 tank, delivered in the first batch of arms from South Korea under contracts signed in recent months, in Wierzbiny near Orzysz, Poland, in March last year
Feb 8, 2024
Financing uncertainty clouds South Korea's push for massive arms deals
Both parties in South Korea have introduced bills to boost the state bank as the country seeks to expedite a $22 billion weapons purchase from Poland.
Trucks line up in a queue to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border at the Dorohusk-Jagodzin crossing, in Brzezno, Poland, on Dec. 4.
WORLD / Politics
Dec 11, 2023
Front-line troops in Ukraine feel bite of Polish truckers’ protest
A monthslong border blockade by Polish truckers is starting to have an effect on Ukrainian soldiers.
Polish Ambassador to Japan Pawel Milewski (left), Polish development bank BGK President Beata Daszynska-Muzyczka (second from left), Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker and member of the Japan-Poland Parliamentary Friendship Association Hirobumi Niki (second from right), and social welfare corporation Fukudenkai President Takaaki Ota attend a ceremony at the Polish Embassy in Tokyo on Oct. 19.
JAPAN / History
Oct 26, 2023
Japan and Poland mark centennial of orphans' rescue from Siberia
The Japanese Red Cross Society conducted rescue and relief missions from 1920 to 1922 for a total of 765 Polish children.
Donald Tusk, leader of the largest opposition grouping Civic Coalition (KO), gestures after the exit poll results are announced in Warsaw on Sunday. Poland's opposition is on course for a majority after Sunday's election, an upset that would deny the ruling nationalists a third term and see the country re-engage with the European Union.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 17, 2023
Polish opposition faces challenges in undoing nationalist reforms
Over eight years, nationalist PiS said its goal has been to rid Poland of the vestiges of its communist past.
People wave Polish and EU flags as they gather outside a tv studio where the main candidates in the upcoming Polish elections are taking part in a debate in Warsaw on Monday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 12, 2023
'Failed romance': Kyiv and Warsaw fall out ahead of elections
While the memory of Poland taking in Ukrainian refugees following Russia's invasion will live on, bilateral ties have become distinctly chilly.
Alma Zadic, Austria's justice minister, during an interview in Vienna on Sept. 26
WORLD / Politics
Oct 11, 2023
In Europe's politics, disinformation and hate pose growing threat
Austrian Justice Minister Alma Zadic believes public institutions simply don’t have the resources to match the output of bad actors.
Polish opposition leader, former premier and head of the centrist Civic Coalition bloc, Donald Tusk addresses participants of a rally in Warsaw on Sunday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 2, 2023
Polish opposition takes to the streets to energize campaign
Protesters supporting Donald Tusk’s Civic Coalition swelled into Warsaw in last-ditch attempt to boost momentum and narrow the gap.
Poland's President Andrzej Duda sits next to Ukraine’s  Ambassador to the United Nations Sergіy Kyslytsya during a ministerial level meeting of the U.N. Security Council on the crisis in Ukraine in New York on Wednesday.
WORLD / Politics
Sep 21, 2023
Poland halts supply of arms to Ukraine as grain dispute escalates
Warsaw reacted to remarks by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the U.N. General Assembly accusing countries of feigning solidarity.
The far-right Confederation Liberty and Independence party rally against measures imposed by the Polish government to stem the spread of COVID-19, in Warsaw in October 2020.
WORLD / Politics
Sep 18, 2023
The far right is advancing in a vulnerable Europe again
Disruptors in far-right political parties are taking advantage of resentment born out of COVID-19, a cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine.
A ceremony is held in March 2016 in Markowa, Poland, at the grave of the Ulma family who were killed by the Nazis for hiding Jews during WWII.
Sep 10, 2023
Polish family killed by Nazis to be beatified in Catholic first
The Ulma family will be the first ever to be beatified, a key step on a possible path to sainthood in the Catholic Church.
Kazuki Paul Tsuyukusa with his dog Sunny in Fukuoka
Sep 9, 2023
Kazuki Paul Tsuyukusa: 'It’s better to live without being noticed everywhere.’
A former rikishi, Kazuki Paul Tsuyukusa has swapped his sumo stable for the life of a salaryman.


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