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A Yamato Transport delivery center in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture. Japan's parcel delivery firms are expanding drop-off services amid a rise in their redelivery rate and a shortage of truck drivers.
Jul 12, 2024
Availability of parcel drop-off services increasing in Japan
The services are expected to help reduce redeliveries to lessen the heavy burden on delivery vehicle drivers.
Japan Post Bank will expand investment into long-term government bonds to take advantage of rising yields.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 20, 2024
Japan Post Bank to buy more bonds in light of BOJ taper plan
Japan Post Bank has ramped up investment in JGBs with the balance of holdings totaling ¥5.15 trillion as of March, expanding 1.5-fold from levels in December last year.
Yamato Transport drivers push carts loaded with parcels for distribution in Sapporo.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 14, 2024
Japan logistics firms work to reduce parcel redeliveries
The government aims to lower the rate of parcel redeliveries from 10% in fiscal 2022 to 6% in fiscal 2024.
Postage rates in Japan are set to increase to ¥110 from ¥84 for standard-size letters weighing 25 grams or less and to ¥85 from ¥63 for postcards.
Jun 14, 2024
Japan Post announces October postage hike
Rates will increase to ¥110 from ¥84 for standard-size letters weighing 25 grams or less, and to ¥85 from ¥63 for postcards.
Postage rates for sealed letters and other documents are expected to be raised by 30% as early as October, the first rise in 30 years aside from when prices increased along with consumption tax hikes.
Jun 7, 2024
Postage rate hikes seen denting New Year's card tradition in Japan
The tradition of sending New Year's greetings on postcards began in 1873 with the introduction of postcards.
Japan Post Insurance, one of the nation’s biggest life insurers, held about ¥60.9 trillion in assets as of the end of March, of which around ¥47.7 trillion were securities, mainly government bonds.
BUSINESS / Markets
Jun 3, 2024
Japan Post goes slow in buying longest bonds after BOJ rate hike
Japan Post forecast in April that the 30-year government bond yield will be 2% at the end of March 2025
A Japan Post delivery truck. Certain parcels will take longer to arrive under changes set to begin in April.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jan 31, 2024
Japan Post announces delayed timeframes for express deliveries
The changes come as part of an effort to cope with stricter regulations on truck drivers’ working hours.
The Alumy website, which offers a service for companies that want to connect with individuals who have quit their jobs
BUSINESS / Companies
Dec 31, 2023
More Japanese companies move to rehire former employees
Previously, it had been widely believed that quitting a job means completely severing the relationship with the employer.
The planned increases for Japan's postal fees will be the first in 30 years, apart from revisions made in relation to consumption tax hikes.
BUSINESS / Economy
Dec 18, 2023
Japan plans stamp price hike for letters to ¥110 from ¥84
Japan Post's standard postcards will also have their price increased from ¥63 to ¥85 under government's proposed plan in response to losses.
The government may sell stakes in some major firms, including NTT, to fund its growing defense spending.
Aug 3, 2023
Raising the stakes: Japan may sell shares to fund defense spending
Selling government stakes in some of Japan's biggest firms won't be straightforward, given the need for consensus and changes to laws.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 20, 2023
Yamato and Japan Post announce tie-up for mailbox and small parcel deliveries
The two companies are working together to tackle anticipated truck driver shortages, expected when overtime work restrictions come into effect in April next year.
Japan Times
Mar 6, 2023
Kuroda’s decade at the BOJ changed how Japan’s banks make money
Investors prepare for an eventual normalization of monetary policy with BOJ Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda, who introduced negative interest rates, set to hand over the reins.
Japan Times
Feb 26, 2023
Rural post offices begin hosting unmanned shops to help older residents
Some 3,000 of the roughly 24,000 post offices nationwide have embraced the service, stocking vegetables, daily necessities and other items.
Japan Times
Feb 22, 2023
Japan Post retiring cheap postcards amid digital shift
For years, the company's international aerograms and postcards have allowed senders in Japan to convey messages to people abroad for just ¥90 and ¥70, respectively.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 17, 2023
Post office in Saitama robbed by man with knife, leaving two workers injured
The robber, who was reported to have been wearing a hood, entered Kawaguchi Namiki Post Office at around 1:40 p.m. before demanding that a teller give him money.
Japan Times
Feb 12, 2023
Japan eyes stockpiling disaster supplies at post offices
The government is considering using post offices to stockpile emergency supplies with an eye to delivering them to evacuation areas in the event of disasters.
Japan Times
May 20, 2022
Japan Post resumes airmail services to Ukraine
Japan Post on Friday resumed accepting Express Mail Service and airmail bound for Ukraine after securing cargo space on aircraft.
Japan Times
Mar 11, 2022
Japan Post halts shipments by air to parts of Europe and Africa due to Ukraine war
Japan Post has announced that it will temporarily stop accepting letters to be sent by plane to 18 countries in Europe and Africa as the war in Ukraine hits air shipments.
Japan Times
Dec 15, 2021
Japan Post admits losing personal details of 214,000 bond and trust fund clients
The oversight was identified during a probe sparked when information on 318 customers was lost across four prefectures last November.
Japan Times
Oct 6, 2021
Japan to sell 27% of Japan Post to raise reconstruction funds
The planned sale would represent a stake of about 27%, lowering the government's ownership to one third, the minimum allowed by law.


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