Abortion foes limiting wounded U.S. veterans' IVF benefits

World / Science & Health Jul 25, 2019

Abortion foes limiting wounded U.S. veterans' IVF benefits

A federal program to help wounded veterans and their spouses conceive children through in vitro fertilization is being hobbled by anti-abortion forces that oppose how the process can lead to embryos being destroyed. Since 2012, Democrats in Congress have repeatedly championed legislation permanently extending IVF ...

World / Social Issues Aug 24, 2018

Britain faces prospect of sperm shortage in case of no-deal Brexit

British couples looking to conceive through artificial insemination face uncertainty if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal because sperm would no longer be imported from EU countries under existing legislation. Government advice published on Thursday said Britain imported around 3,000 sperm samples from ...

Editorials Feb 21, 2016

Egg-freezing: choice and risk

Freezing a woman's eggs so she can give birth later in life opens up important questions that should be addressed before the technology becomes even more widespread.