Galit Altstein
People run for cover during an Israeli bombardment in Gaza City on Saturday.
Jun 24, 2024
Netanyahu says major operations in Gaza will end ‘very soon’
Netanyahu said the next step for the military will be for Israel to redeploy some forces to the north.
Israelis protest for the release of hostages held in Gaza and against the government in Tel Aviv on June 1.
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Jun 24, 2024
Israel tech leaders, irked by Netanyahu, eye moves into politics
The war against Hamas is straining Israel's economy, with the central bank projecting costs of around $67 billion through 2025, nearly 15% of the annual GDP.
Israeli Minister Benny Gantz addresses the media after his ultimatum to withdraw his centrist party from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's emergency government expired, in Ramat Gan, Israel, on Sunday.
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Jun 10, 2024
Gantz quits Israel government while U.S.-Saudi deal moves forward
The treaty would commit the U.S. to helping defend Riyadh as part of a deal aimed at encouraging Saudi-Israel diplomatic ties, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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May 20, 2024
Israel’s war Cabinet in turmoil, but Netanyahu seen as secure
Two of the three members of Israel's war Cabinet have now spoken out against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies.
Displaced Palestinians who fled Rafah ride atop a car in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday.
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May 7, 2024
Saying cease-fire plan falls short, Israel continues attacks on Rafah
Israel’s war Cabinet unanimously rejected the truce as "far from Israel’s necessary demands,” dashing hopes for an immediate pause in the fighting.
A man maneuvers media equipment following an Israeli police raid on an Al Jazeera de facto office at the Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem on Sunday.
May 6, 2024
Israel raids Al Jazeera’s offices after banning broadcaster
Al Jazeera’s broadcasts and access to its website are now blocked throughout Israel.
Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
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Apr 26, 2024
Israel prepares forces as conflict with Hezbollah intensifies
Israeli forces have been exchanging cross-border fire with Hezbollah almost daily since October as the potential for an all-out war only grows.
Smoke rises following Israeli strikes in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Monday.
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Apr 23, 2024
As Iran tensions ease, Israel turns sights back on Hamas and Rafah
The Israeli prime minister has pledged to "increase the military and diplomatic pressure” on Hamas, aiming to free hostages and declare victory.
Iranians burn an Israeli flag in Tehran last week during a rally and a funeral for those who were killed in a suspected Israeli airstrike on the Iranian embassy complex in the Syrian capital Damascus.
Apr 11, 2024
U.S. sees missile strike on Israel by Iran or proxies as imminent
Such a strike would mark a significant widening of the 6-month-old conflict, according to people familiar with the intelligence.
Palestinians flee an area in central Gaza City after Israeli bombardment in March. U.S. President Joe Biden said an "immediate” cease-fire is necessary to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
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Apr 5, 2024
Biden tells Netanyahu U.S. support hinges on protecting civilians
The comment marks a shift in position for the U.S. leader, who has faced increased pressure to take a harder line against Israel amid mounting deaths.
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz walks as families and supporters of hostages kidnapped in the deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas take part in a four-day march from Reim to Jerusalem as they call for the release of hostages, near Beit Shemesh, Israel, on March 1.
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Apr 4, 2024
Israel’s Gantz ups ante with Netanyahu by calling for early elections
Gantz has seen his popularity among Israeli voters surge as that of Netanyahu has taken a nosedive.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after speaking to the United Nations in New York on Sept. 22
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Nov 29, 2023
Israel authorizes religious funding amid concern over cost of war
The government’s budget stance has drawn ire, with 300 prominent economists penning a joint letter urging cutbacks.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a press conference at the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
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Oct 31, 2023
Netanyahu's ‘Mr. Security’ image fades as rivals want him out
Opponents say Netanyahu failed spectacularly by ignoring Hamas’ true intentions.


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