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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Vietnam President To Lam during a reception in Hanoi on Thursday
Jun 23, 2024
Putin came to Asia to disrupt, and he succeeded
After stops in Pyongyang, North Korea, and Hanoi, Vietnam, last week that were draped in communist red, Putin left behind a redrawn map of risk in Asia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin (center) at the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi on Thursday
WORLD / Politics
Jun 20, 2024
Vietnam welcomes Putin in boost to ties, ignoring U.S. criticism
Vietnam and Russia have ties going back decades to the Soviet Union.
The Japanese man, who was in his 30s, was stabbed on a street in Ho Chi Minh City.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jun 5, 2024
Japanese man stabbed to death in Vietnam
A Vietnamese man has been arrested over the incident, which took place on a street in Ho Chi Minh City.
Transmission towers in Vinh Trach Dong Commune, Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam, on April 26. Southeast Asia’s relatively low production cost and strong position in the global semiconductor value chain is adding to the region’s appeal as the next hub for data centers.
May 28, 2024
AI frenzy draws stock traders to Southeast Asia’s likely winners
Power producers are becoming a favorite as more data centers are set up in the region, thanks to lower energy and land costs, according to analysts.
To Lam takes his oath as Vietnam's president during the National Assembly's summer session in Hanoi on Wednesday.
May 22, 2024
Vietnam appoints top policeman as country's new president
The move is a temporary end to two-months of heightened political turbulence that saw the exit of three of Vietnam's top five leaders over unspecified wrongdoings.
Vietnamese Public Security Minister To Lam speaks at a meeting at the National Assembly House in Hanoi last December.
May 19, 2024
Vietnam Communist Party names police minister as state president
Police minister To Lam has been named as the state president, while a new head of the parliament was also nominated in a major leadership reshuffle.
Job-seekers line up for interviews at a job fair in Chinchwad, India, in 2019.
May 16, 2024
After Cambodia crypto scam, Indians demand more jobs at home
Unemployment is a leading concern in the ongoing general election that ends on June 1.
Employees work at a shoe factory in Hanoi in 2020.
BUSINESS / Markets
May 16, 2024
As U.S. hikes China tariffs, imports soar from China-reliant Vietnam
The surge in China-Vietnam-U.S. trade has vastly widened trade imbalances.
U.S. President Joe Biden meets with Vietnam President Vo Van Thuong in Hanoi on Sept. 11, 2023. During Biden's visit to Hanoi last year, the U.S. and Vietnam elevated ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership.
BUSINESS / Economy
May 9, 2024
Vietnam's China ties loom large in U.S. hearing on market economy upgrade
Opponents cite Beijing's outsized influence on Hanoi while proponents argue that denial of market economy status would push Vietnam closer to its neighbor.
A group of fishing boats sit next to the Mekong river in Phnom Penh in 2021.
May 8, 2024
Cambodia to cut shipping through Vietnam with China-funded canal
Cambodia's deputy prime minister downplayed environmental concerns about the new canal and dismissed speculation Chinese warships could use it.
Chinese President Xi Jinping. Ever-growing tensions in the South China Sea all point to an uncomfortable truth for Southeast Asian nations, as well as the U.S.: In this standoff, China is winning.
Apr 24, 2024
Xi’s armada is winning the battle for energy in South China Sea
China’s increasingly assertive stance has sparked a flurry of diplomatic and military efforts aimed at countering Beijing’s footprint.
An Apple store in Shanghai. Apple manufactures iPads, AirPods and Apple Watches in Vietnam and suppliers for MacBooks are also investing in the country.
Apr 11, 2024
Activists press Apple over Vietnam's detention of climate experts
Apple manufactures iPads, AirPods and Apple Watches in Vietnam and suppliers for MacBooks are also investing in the country.
Tourists visit Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan in Bangkok in January.
Apr 8, 2024
Thailand leads push for six-nation visa to attract more tourists
The plan is meant to ensure seamless mobility for travelers among neighboring countries.
Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong resigned on Wednesday among anti-graft probes into Hanoi’s top leadership.
Mar 25, 2024
Vietnam could lose its 'China +1' appeal among political turmoil
Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong resigned on Wednesday among a wider probe. This could compromise Hanoi's image as an economic alternative to Beijing.
Containers transporting coal at a dock in Cam Pha, Vietnam. Enthusiasm for Vietnam’s renewables boom is dampened by factors such as its underdeveloped electricity grid and patchy regulatory framework, while the country’s major source of electricity remains coal.
Mar 25, 2024
With Japan’s help, is Vietnam headed for a flawed energy transition?
The climate-vulnerable nation is looking to renewables, but also questionable solutions promoted by Tokyo, for its energy needs.
The resignation of Vietnam President Vo Van Thuong on Wednesday is "not really a good sign for a country often boasted for having very strong political stability.”
Mar 21, 2024
‘Political earthquake’ shakes up succession battle in Vietnam
The ouster of a second president in just over a year leaves a leadership vacuum in one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.
A student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology looking at a printed circuit board in the school's lab in Hanoi.
Mar 15, 2024
The Gen-Z students at the heart of Vietnam's chip plans
Long viewed as a low-cost destination to make clothes, shoes and furniture, the country is now eyeing a rapid climb up the global supply chain.
Migrant workers harvest and package vegetables in a greenhouse in Gasan-myeon, South Korea, in December.
Mar 3, 2024
South Korea needs foreign workers, but often fails to protect them
Though a shrinking population makes imported labor vital, migrant workers routinely face predatory employers, inhumane conditions and other abuse.
Vietnam's National Assembly (Parliament) building in Hanoi.
Mar 1, 2024
Report says Vietnam to crackdown on workers' rights and foreign aid
The 88 Project couldn't confirm the document's authenticity but acknowledged its partial coverage in state media.
Japanese police have arrested four Vietnamese people for allegedly stealing more than 5,000 items from Uniqlo and other clothing shops in Japan.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 7, 2024
Four Vietnamese arrested for repeated shoplifting at Uniqlo
The group is believed to have stolen 5,237 items, with estimated losses totaling around ¥20 million.


Tokashiki Beach acts as a sanctuary for sea turtles and offers ideal snorkeling waters. It was also the site of the U.S. Army’s preliminary invasion that led to the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 150,000 people.
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