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Taiwan President-elect Lai Ching-te speaks at a meeting at the presidential palace in Taipei on Feb. 22.
Mar 1, 2024
Taiwan faces steady 'drip' of pressure as China tightens pre-inauguration squeeze
Officials in Taipei fear Beijing could further squeeze the island's room to maneuver without resorting to direct conflict.
A plan is being considered to transfer residents and tourists from the Sakishima islands via Kagoshima and Fukuoka airports in the event of a Taiwan contingency.
Feb 28, 2024
Japan mulls Taiwan contingency evacuation routes for remote islands
The envisioned evacuation plans will be drawn up by prefectural governments in fiscal 2024.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Oct. 17, 2023
WORLD / Politics
Feb 28, 2024
Serbian leader says ‘Taiwan is China’ as Xi plans Balkan trip
The Serbian leader’s wading into rising tensions over the Taiwan Strait sends a signal of allegiance to Beijing.
Yakitori chain Torikizoku will open outlets in Taiwan and Hong Kong as part of its planned expansion into the Asian market.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 27, 2024
Restaurant chain Torikizoku to open branches in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Specific details regarding the number of restaurants and finalized opening dates in Hong Kong and Taiwan are yet to be determined.
Feleti Teo was formally selected by lawmakers as Tuvalu's premier on Monday.
Feb 26, 2024
Taiwan envoy says Tuvalu ties 'rock solid' post-election
With a population of just 11,000, Tuvalu is one of just 12 states that still have formal diplomatic relations with Taipei rather than Beijing.
Anti-landing barricades on a beach in Kinmen, Taiwan
Feb 25, 2024
China Coast Guard conducts patrols in waters near Taiwan's Kinmen Islands
The move comes amid rising tensions in the area just 5 kilometers from mainland China following a deadly incident earlier this month.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.'s first Japan factory, in Kikuyo, Kumamoto Prefecture, will be operated by JASM, a subsidiary of TSMC.
Feb 24, 2024
Chip giant TSMC shifts away from hot spot Taiwan with Japan plant
The chipmaker's new plant in Kumamoto will boost the resilience of global supplies of the crucial hardware, founder Morris Chang told an opening ceremony.
With the wars in Ukraine and Gaza claiming America’s attention and the world undergoing a broader geopolitical reconfiguration, China might see a window of opportunity in forcing its claim on Taiwan.
Feb 21, 2024
A Taiwan crisis is coming
Already, Xi Jinping has been stepping up intrusions into Taiwan's air defense zone and encircling the island with warships.
Taiwan's coast guard said it would continue to use radar, surveillance and patrols to ensure the "harmony and safety" of the waters near the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands, which are close to China's shores.
Feb 21, 2024
Taiwan drives away Chinese coast guard boat as tensions rise
The Chinese coast guard vessel had entered Taiwan's waters near Kinmen a day after officers from the agency boarded a Taiwanese tourist boat.
The European Union is looking to conclude a security and defense partnership agreement with Japan amid China's maritime assertiveness.
JAPAN / Politics
Feb 20, 2024
EU to seek security and defense pact with Japan amid China's assertiveness
The two sides will explore increasing cooperation across wide areas including maritime security, intelligence sharing and coping with hybrid attacks
China announced on Sunday that its coast guard would begin regular patrols and set up law enforcement activity around the Taiwan-controlled islands of Kinmen.
Feb 20, 2024
China coast guard 'triggers panic' by boarding Taiwanese tour boat
A Taipei minister said such vessels — both Chinese and Taiwanese — were not illegal and that they commonly enter the other side's waters by accident.
Taiwan President-elect Lai Ching-te (center) poses with Japanese House of Councilors members Tsuneo Kitamura (left) and Iwao Horii in Taipei on Monday.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 20, 2024
Taiwan's President-elect Lai Ching-te thanks Japan for TSMC support
As part of efforts to promote domestic chip production, Japan will provide up to ¥476 billion in subsidies toward TSMC's first factory in the nation.
Giant African snails are unpopular among local residents and are referred to as an alien species that shouldn’t be touched, as they damage crops and sometimes hosts rat lungworms.
JAPAN / Society
Feb 19, 2024
Giant African snails mark 90 years of history in Okinawa
The snails, one of the world’s largest of the kind, are native to East Africa, and their shells can grow to as high as 20 centimeters.
Taiwanese Coast Guard crew surround an overturned Chinese speed boat near the Kinmen Islands on Wednesday.
Feb 18, 2024
China to send coast guard ships as tensions rise over Taiwanese islands
Taiwan defended its moves after two people on a Chinese speedboat, which got too close to a front-line Taiwanese island, died when their boat overturned.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi shake hands as they meet at the Munich Security Conference at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in the southern German city on Friday.
Feb 17, 2024
U.S. and China agree to hold follow-up talks on North Korea and Mideast
The first meeting since October between the top U.S. and Chinese diplomats took place on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich.
TSMC’s surge propelled Taiwan’s benchmark index to a record high, as expectations of booming demand for artificial intelligence technology drove investor sentiment.
Feb 15, 2024
TSMC soars most since 2020, lifting Taiwan on AI optimism
The company’s surge propelled Taiwan’s benchmark index to a record high, as expectations of booming demand for AI technology drove investor sentiment.
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on Tuesday.
WORLD / Politics
Feb 14, 2024
Biden blasts Trump over NATO remarks, in bid to reassure U.S. allies
Biden’s retort appears to be part of an attempt to reassure not only Kyiv but other allies — including top U.S. partners Japan and South Korea.
Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa speaks during a ministerial meeting with the 18 members of the Pacific Islands Forum held in Suva, Fiji, on Monday.
JAPAN / Politics
Feb 12, 2024
Japan and Pacific Islands oppose change of status quo amid China clout
The leaders met to lay the groundwork for the 10th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting scheduled in July in Tokyo.
For the first time in 16 years, Taiwan will have a minority government when Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party is sworn in on May 20.
Feb 9, 2024
To Taiwan’s president-elect, here is a proposal for your consideration
For the first time in 16 years, Taiwan will have a minority government when Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party is sworn in on May 20.
Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike (left) and Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an hold talks in Taipei on Wednesday.
Feb 7, 2024
Tokyo governor and Taipei mayor agree on urban governance cooperation
China expressed strong opposition to the Tokyo governor's visit to Taipei.


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