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Police have arrested a Nigerian man on suspicion of smuggling stimulant drugs from Britain and tricking his romance scam victim into picking it up.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Apr 26, 2024
Nigerian nabbed in Japan for drug smuggling through romance scam
Police say similar cases of romance scam victims being tricked into helping smuggle illegal drugs continue to occur.
Customs officials at Narita Airport discovered stimulants inside a conveyor belt roller that was shipped from Mexico to Japan in June last year.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Apr 23, 2024
Six arrested on suspicion of smuggling stimulants
The suspects, including a senior figure in a crime syndicate in Saitama Prefecture, allegedly hid some 15 kilograms of drugs inside a conveyor belt roller.
A government worker destroys counterfeit cigarettes in Durban, South Africa.
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
Feb 21, 2024
Chinese man held in Australia for U.S. over North Korea smuggling scheme
Jin Guanghua is suspected of having purchased tobacco for companies owned by North Korea that was then used to make counterfeit cigarettes for sale.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks during an event in Pyongyang. Smuggling efforts could be directly linked to the North's military ambitions, analysts have said.
Dec 8, 2023
North Korean smugglers disguised under Pacific island flags
With strict sanctions limiting Pyongyang's ability to import fuel, smugglers have adopted increasingly creative methods.
Dendrobium orchids — highly sought after due to their use in traditional Chinese medicine — growing in the wild in Nepal.
Oct 8, 2023
The orchid obsession: How science and smuggling meet in a global trade
Love of the flowers has a dark side, with the desire for rare varieties underpinning a robust illegal trade believed to have wiped out entire species.
Mariko Takeuchi leaves a court in Kuala Lumpur in October 2011 after being sentenced to death.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Sep 15, 2023
Japanese woman on death row in Malaysia to appeal for leniency
Mariko Takeuchi was sentenced to hang for trafficking 3.5 kilograms of methamphetamine into Malaysia in 2009.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jun 7, 2023
Four Chinese arrested in Japan for smuggling 700 kilograms of stimulants
The amount of stimulants, with an estimated street value of ¥43.4 billion ($311 million), was the second largest ever confiscated at one time in Japan.
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Jan 16, 2023
The drug mules carrying Europe's cocaine in their guts
More than a sixth of the cocaine consumed in France is smuggled inside the bodies of drug mules from its poverty-stricken South American region of Guiana.
Japan Times
Nov 30, 2022
Japan customs offices to introduce smart glasses in bid to thwart smugglers
The smart glasses and accompanying technology will be used from February next year when checking cargoes to share images in real time with experienced officials at different locations.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Nov 25, 2022
China finalizes Japanese man's indefinite prison term for drug smuggling
The Guangdong High People's Court rejected an appeal filed by the man, Takuma Sakuragi, a former member of the city assembly of Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture.
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Feb 15, 2022
Analysis of elephant tusk DNA reveals poachers' links with ivory trafficking networks
The new study suggest between three and six criminal organizations were responsible for most shipments, with poachers returning repeatedly to the same elephant populations.
Japan Times
Feb 14, 2022
Afghan smugglers hike prices and expand networks after Taliban takeover
The Taliban's lightning capture of Afghanistan has prompted a mass exodus, and smugglers are taking advantage of Afghans' desperation to leave by hiking prices.
Japan Times
Dec 8, 2021
Shadow payment system on the rise among European people-smugglers
The 'hawala' system relies on a trusted network of transfer agents to make payments outside the banking system and operates largely without leaving a paper trail.
Japan Times
May 31, 2021
Over 500 kilograms of tortoiseshell seized by Japan between 2000 and 2019
The haul was evidence of the continued smuggling of the animals and their parts despite a global trade ban on them for over four decades, the World Wide Fund for Nature said Monday.
Japan Times
May 26, 2021
Immigration is the wealthy world’s challenge of the century
A U.N. report says international migration has become increasingly weaponized and is being used by some as a political tool, undermining democracy.
Japan Times
Apr 5, 2021
Chaos is opportunity for Myanmar’s drug trafficking syndicates
Over the past two decades, meth production has jumped up in Myanmar, displacing the opium and heroin production that once made the Golden Triangle a byword for the international drug trade.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 16, 2021
Three held over drugs smuggled into Japan in Snow White dwarfs
Authorities arrested a Malaysian national and his daughters after confiscating stimulants weighing about 6kg with an estimated street value of around u00a5384 million.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Mar 9, 2020
Japanese Canadian arrested over quarter-ton stimulant haul in Kichijoji
A 56-year-old man was arrested last month in Japan on suspicion of smuggling about 240 kilograms of illegal stimulant drugs with an approximate street value of ¥14.4 billion ($140 million), narcotics control authorities said Monday.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jan 27, 2020
Japanese pair arrested for alleged smuggling of drugs concealed in tabletops
Two men have been arrested after they allegedly tried to smuggle stimulants concealed in two tabletops from the United Arab Emirates, police said Monday.
Japan Times
Jan 20, 2020
Japan mulling legislation to ban smuggling of wagyu genetic materials
The agriculture ministry will propose a new law aimed at preventing the smuggling to other countries of genetic materials, such as fertilized eggs and semen, related to wagyu cattle.


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