Business Apr 10, 2019

IMF cuts global growth outlook to lowest since financial crisis

The International Monetary Fund cut its outlook for global growth to the lowest since the financial crisis amid a bleaker outlook in most major advanced economies and signs that higher tariffs are weighing on trade. The world economy will grow 3.3 percent this year, down ...

Editorials Feb 18, 2019

Domestic demand is key to growth

Private-sector companies should make efforts through capital investments to shore up domestic demand, while offering their workers more substantial wage hikes to boost personal consumption.

Emerging vulnerabilities in emerging economies

Commentary / World Aug 27, 2018

Emerging vulnerabilities in emerging economies

by Michael Spence

For many emerging economies, it is imperative to pursue a rebalancing of growth patterns, with a more active approach to managing debt and capital flows and their effects on asset prices, exchange rates, and growth. Otherwise, the dangers of unsustainable growth patterns will bring ...