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Agriculture minister Tetsushi Sakamoto shows a mock-up of a label for vegetables grown in a sustainable way at his ministry on Friday.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 1, 2024
Japan's farm ministry launches eco-labeling initiative for sustainable farming
The labels will serve as a visual cue for environmental efforts and are aimed at enhancing consumer awareness toward fostering a sustainable food system.
A man mourns at Shifa hospital in Gaza City on Thursday, looking over the bodies of Palestinians killed in an early morning incident when residents rushed toward aid trucks.
Mar 1, 2024
Deadly scenes in Gaza as overall death toll passes 30,000
The Hamas-run health ministry said more than 100 people were reported dead in a grisly incident on Thursday.
School lunch served to children of an elementary school in Miyama, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Monday. A 7-year-old boy died after choking on what is believed to have been a boiled quail egg while having lunch at his school.
JAPAN / Society
Feb 28, 2024
Japan issues urgent notice to schools after boy chokes to death
The first grader in the city of Miyama, Fukuoka Prefecture, is believed to have choked on a boiled quail egg contained in a stew served for school lunch.
Farmers in India take part in a recent march on New Delhi to demand that minimum crop prices be written into law in scenes reminiscent of protests in 2021. 
Feb 27, 2024
India’s farmers are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore
Farmers in India are marching to demand that guaranteed crop prices promised in 2021 be written into law. Will Modi acquiesce like he did three years ago?
Yakitori chain Torikizoku will open outlets in Taiwan and Hong Kong as part of its planned expansion into the Asian market.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 27, 2024
Restaurant chain Torikizoku to open branches in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Specific details regarding the number of restaurants and finalized opening dates in Hong Kong and Taiwan are yet to be determined.
Food industry researchers and academics are hard at work formulating a new dictionary aiming to refine Japan's discourse over rice.
LIFE / Language
Feb 21, 2024
New dictionary to clear up sticking points over Japanese rice
By setting standards for common expressions that are often ambiguous, researchers hope to convey the "individuality" of products to consumers.
McDonald's Japan will start charging ¥5 for plastic bags of all sizes at some stores, starting in April.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 20, 2024
McDonald's Japan announces trial ¥5 plastic bag charge to curb usage
The firm will eye expanding the fee nationwide following a trial at 23 of its stores in Nagasaki Prefecture starting in April.
Giant African snails are unpopular among local residents and are referred to as an alien species that shouldn’t be touched, as they damage crops and sometimes hosts rat lungworms.
JAPAN / Society
Feb 19, 2024
Giant African snails mark 90 years of history in Okinawa
The snails, one of the world’s largest of the kind, are native to East Africa, and their shells can grow to as high as 20 centimeters.
The Japan Tourism Agency plans to offer subsidies to develop travel products combining culinary and traditional cultural experiences in rural areas.
Feb 18, 2024
Japan tourism agency to promote gastronomy tourism
As foreign tourists numbers spike post-pandemic, culinary travel has grown increasingly popular, especially among wealthy travelers.
The Osaka District Court handed a prison term to a man who appeared in a viral video engaging in unsanitary behavior at a Yoshinoya beef bowl diner.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 15, 2024
Man given prison term after food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka
Ryu Shimazu was found guilty of obstructing business operations and causing property damage.
Domino's Pizza Japan has apologized for a video of its employee pretending to pick his nose and wipe it on pizza dough.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 13, 2024
Domino's apologizes over online video of employee's pizza antics
The pizza delivery giant's move came after a video surfaced online Monday of an employee pretending to pick his nose and wipe it on pizza dough.
Kazuyuki and Yuki Shimamoto are the executive chef and head patissier chef at Mimi’s Restaurant and Bar in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture.
Feb 10, 2024
Kazuyuki and Yuki Shimamoto: 'When you make things you love, you naturally just get better at it'
A culinary couple share their thoughts on a career in the kitchen and how they approach life in one of Japan's major tourist towns.
Seven & I Holdings CEO Ryuichi Isaka
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 7, 2024
Japan’s convenience stores can span the globe, 7-Eleven CEO says
Ryuichi Isaka believes Seven-Eleven Japan’s know-how in making cheap, high-quality food will drive growth overseas.
Katsuaki Kiyokawa, president of Potama Co., holds a pork and fried egg rice ball outside one of his stores in Fukuoka.
LIFE / Food & Drink
Feb 5, 2024
The Okinawan Spam soul food sandwich that's on a roll
The story of Potama's success starts with a love story between a man from Osaka and an Okinawan woman who knew how to cook.
Marine product shipments to China saw a steep drop of 29.9%, with scallops, which had shown strong growth in recent years, dropping 43.6%.
Jan 30, 2024
Japan farm and fisheries exports hit record ¥1.45 trillion in 2023
Increased shipment to the United States and Hong Kong is making up for a decline in sales to mainland China, government data showed.
Environmental costs are estimated at $3 trillion from current agricultural land use and food production methods, which scientists say account for a third of planet-heating greenhouse gas emissions.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Jan 30, 2024
Fixing food could produce trillions in annual benefits
On the current trajectory, food systems alone will push global warming above 1.5 degrees Celsius, potentially soaring to 2.7 degrees by 2100.
A woman grills a piece of beef at a barbeque restaurant in Yokohama. Greenhouse gas emissions from food amount to a third of all human-caused emissions.
Jan 28, 2024
The complicated balance between health and climate in the Japanese diet
In Japan, people with higher-emitting diets also tend to eat healthier, raising questions for the health- and environment-conscious consumer.
Shoppers browse vegetables at a supermarket in Chiba. Sales at all supermarkets totaled ¥13.56 trillion, with price hikes in food items boosting overall sales despite shoppers buying fewer items, according to the Japan Chain Stores Association.
Jan 23, 2024
Japan's supermarket sales grow 2.4% in 2023 on price hikes
Sales at all supermarkets totaled ¥13.56 trillion ($91.9 billion), with price hikes in food items boosting overall sales despite shoppers buying fewer items.
A worker carries a tray containing steamed kamaboko at a factory in Ise, Mie Prefecture.
JAPAN / Society / Regional voices: Chubu
Jan 22, 2024
As costs rise, kamaboko producers struggle to stay afloat
Many have little choice but to raise the prices of their own products after having exhausted other measures.
Salmon farming can be a nasty business. Breeding involves removing eggs and sperm from anesthetized fish, and typically euthanizing males after extraction.
Jan 21, 2024
Scotland’s salmon farms navigate troubled waters for global industry
Despite pitching the red-fleshed fish as a more environmentally friendly alternative to beef, producers haven’t yet figured out how to scale sustainably.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves