National May 26, 2017

Third-graders can get head start on English classes from fiscal 2018

Elementary schools will be allowed to start English classes from third grade instead of fifth grade when fiscal 2018 begins next April, the education ministry said Friday. The measure is aimed at achieving a smooth transition to the ministry's new fiscal 2020 curriculum guidelines, said ...

Pressure continues to mount on Moritomo Gakuen chief

National Mar 13, 2017

Pressure continues to mount on Moritomo Gakuen chief

by Eric Johnston

Pressure on Yasunori Kagoike, head of scandal-plagued Moritomo Gakuen, in the Diet and in Osaka Prefecture showed no sign of abating Monday even though he withdrew his application to open a new elementary school and indicated last week he would resign. With questions about why ...

National Apr 22, 2014

2.24 million take achievement exams at elementary, junior high schools

About 2.24 million elementary school sixth-graders and third-year junior high school students took the national achievement examination Tuesday. When the results are known around August, the education ministry will allow them to be made available on a school-by-school and municipality-by-municipality basis for the first time ...