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The Tokyo District Court has dismissed a lawsuit by a foreign woman who claimed to have been subject to discriminatory treatment by police.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
May 22, 2024
Tokyo court dismisses foreigner's claim of police discrimination
A South Asian woman in her 40s and her 6-year-old daughter of Japanese nationality had sued the Tokyo metropolitan government ¥4.4 million for alleged discrimination.
Ziya Us Salam (left), an associate editor of The Hindu, an English-language newspaper, prays at home with Shan Mohammad, a hafiz who teaches the Quran to one of his daughters, in Noida, India, just outside Delhi, on Aug. 27, 2023.
WORLD / Society
May 20, 2024
Strangers in their own land: Being Muslim in Modi’s India
The premier's rise to national power in 2014 swept a decades-old Hindu nationalist movement from the margins of Indian politics firmly to the center.
People involved in an appeal trial over forced sterilization head to the Osaka High Court in February 2022.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
May 17, 2024
Japan's top court to take measures for disabled plaintiffs
It will be the first time for the top court to implement measures for disabled people on a large scale.
The plaintiff in an indirect gender discrimination case speaks at a news conference after winning the case in Tokyo on Monday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
May 14, 2024
Japan AGC unit loses suit over indirect gender discrimination
A subsidiary of Japanese glass-maker AGC has lost a lawsuit filed by a female clerical worker seeking damages for indirect gender discrimination.
Discriminatory remarks against the Ainu people by Lower House lawmaker Mio Sugita (center) have prompted calls for introducing penalties under the Ainu policy promotion law.
May 14, 2024
Calls grow for penalizing discriminatory remarks against Ainu
Calls strengthened after a series of discriminatory remarks by Mio Sugita, a House of Representatives lawmaker of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Sony employees simulate the physical sensations of pregnancy at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo in February. The simple power of numbers can begin to remake workplace cultures, but many Japanese women still struggle to balance their careers with domestic obligations.
JAPAN / Society
May 8, 2024
It took decades, but Japan’s working women are making progress
Employers have taken steps to change a male-dominated workplace culture. But women still struggle to balance their careers with domestic obligations.
A building in the city of Osaka housing the Osaka District Court
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
May 8, 2024
Court orders deletion of disparaging portrayal of Osaka area
The comments were targeted at a "dowa" district — an area designated under an assimilation project to help integrate marginalized communities.
A supporter of Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. President Donald Trump waves a flag during a gathering in Palm Harbor, Florida, in March.
May 5, 2024
Trump vows to fight 'anti-white feeling' in U.S. His allies have a plan.
Some high-profile supporters say policies for safeguarding people of color should be repurposed to protect the rights of white people as well.
The National Diet building in Tokyo
JAPAN / Politics
May 4, 2024
Japan says Biden's description of nation as xenophobic is 'unfortunate'
The government said it was "unfortunate that comments not based on an accurate understanding of Japan's policy were made."
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks in Syracuse, New York, on April 25.
JAPAN / Politics
May 2, 2024
Biden calls ally Japan ‘xenophobic’ along with rivals China and Russia
One of the reasons the U.S. economy is growing is because of immigrants, which countries like Japan shun, President Joe Biden said at a fundraising event.
Police officers stand guard in front of the entrance to the venue of the so-called Palestine Conference in Berlin on April 12. Anger over Israeli aggression in Gaza is growing in the U.S. and in other parts of the world, including in the West.
Apr 26, 2024
The world cannot just cancel Palestine
Germany and other Western governments are appropriating cancel culture to stop demonstrations against Israeli aggression, using antisemitism as a shield.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's use of divisive language himself raised alarm that it could inflame right-wing vigilantes who target Muslims, and brought up questions about what had prompted his shift in communication style.
Apr 23, 2024
Modi calls Muslims ‘infiltrators’ who would take India’s wealth
The language was unusually direct for a leader who normally lets others do the dirtiest work of polarizing Hindus against Muslims.
From easily navigable train stations to the helpfulness of its municipal staff, Tokyo has earned high praise for its commitment to accessibility for disabled travelers.
PODCAST / deep dive
Apr 16, 2024
[Rebroadcast] Japan is doing better on accessibility than you may think
We discuss everything from accessibility in Tokyo to dealing with trains and the country’s shifting attitudes.
Armed French soldiers patrol Trocadero square near the Eiffel Tower Stadium, Champ de Mars Arena and Grand Palais Ephemere venues under construction for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in Paris on April 1.
WORLD / Society
Apr 16, 2024
Is fractious France ready for an Olympics party?
The buildup has been marred by rows that go to the heart of a bitter national debate about identity and race.
A protester demands the United Kingdom make reparations for slavery, outside the British High Commission, in Kingston, Jamaica, in March 2022.
WORLD / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Apr 13, 2024
Slavery tribunal? Africa and Caribbean unite on reparations
A tribunal was proposed last year, and it has now gained traction within a broader slavery reparations movement.
The plaintiff argued that age and other specific restrictions for men for survivors' pensions violates the constitution.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Apr 10, 2024
Lawsuit filed over gender gap in survivor's pension conditions
The plaintiff was rejected for the survivor pension due to being 49 years old at the time of his wife's death.
Lawyers representing families of former leprosy patients seeking damages from the state hold up signs in front of the Kumamoto District Court in June 2019 after winning the case.
JAPAN / Society
Apr 5, 2024
35% in Japan prejudiced against ex-leprosy patients: survey
The health ministry will consider necessary measures given the survey results.
“Extremely Inappropriate!” centers on Ichiro Ogawa (played by Sadao Abe), a crude high school teacher who is chain-smoking his way through 1986. He accidentally ends up on a bus that turns out to be a time machine, which drives him to 2024.
CULTURE / TV & Streaming / Wide Angle
Apr 5, 2024
‘Extremely Inappropriate!’ took a big swing. TV is better for it.
The drama — which features a fish-out-of-water protagonist and satirizes social issues — is the most divisive Japanese TV show of the year so far.
Apr 4, 2024
NZ pro women's basketball league doubles players' pay
The commercial success of league's first two seasons has allowed it to increase payments.
Hundreds lined up at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, which came to Japan for a 50-day exhibition.
JAPAN / History / Japan Times Gone By
Apr 1, 2024
Japan Times 1974: Some troubles reported at Mona Lisa's opening
Fifty years ago, a woman made a statement on the rights of the physically disabled by splashing paint on the Mona Lisa in Tokyo.


Several support networks have launched to help startup founders in Japan whose native language isn't Japanese.
As Japan's startup ecosystem grows, so does a supportive community of entrepreneurs