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Encounter with Aesthetics: Giving His Heart to Master Paintings — Adachi Zenko’s Eye for Beauty

To celebrate the Adachi Museum of Art's 50th anniversary, this exhibition showcases some of its founder's favorite works. Zenko Adachi (1899-1990) collected works by artists affiliated with important Japanese schools of art, including Takeuchi Seiho, Uemura Shoen, Kansetsu Hashimoto and Shiho Sakakibara. He particularly cherished the paintings of Yokoyama Taikan, once describing the artist's work as the love of his life.

Important exhibits, such as Hashimoto's "Summer Evening" (1941) and Yokoyama Taikan's "Mountain after a Shower" (1940), can be viewed, along with information on Adachi's personal thoughts about his collection. (Yukari Tanaka)

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