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Fuyu no Nara Yamato-ji Campaign

Travelers can get a glimpse of ancient Japan when they visit the historic temples and museums of western Nara, especially now using a discounted price. Despite being a residential area, the western part of Nara has a wide selection of World Heritage sites, museums, temples, parks, and many other worthwhile spots to visit while it has long served as Yamato-ji (routes leading to the heart of Nara). With fewer crowds than central Nara, visitors can enjoy the city’s attractions just like a local.

The campaign, organized by Nara City Tourism Association, will last for most of winter from Dec. 1 to March 22, 2020. The package includes discount entrance fee for Ryosenji Temple, Shohaku Art Museum, The Museum Yamato Bunkakan and Nakano Museum of Art if participants refer to the campaign (Fuyu no Yamato-ji Campaign) just before buying a ticket at those facilities.

In addition, travelers can follow special walking courses through stations on the Kintetsu Nara Line that will pass by art museums, shrines, a restaurant and a cafe.

Though its main focus is on the western part of the city, the campaign will get a little help from the eastern area, too. People who stay at selected hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns) near Nara Park will also receive special gifts if they mention the campaign during check-in or booking. Meanwhile, as the city is known for its huge population of sacred deer, a special “deer gathering” event will also be held in the precincts of Kasuga Grand Shrine from Feb. 2 to March 12, which is free and open to the public to enjoy.

(Marco Christian)