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'Dance Bridge 4' @ Session House

In an event called "Dance Bridge 4," Mitsutake Kasai and Naoko Ito will present contemporary dance serving as choreographers on Dec. 7 and 8 at Session House at Kagurazaka in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward. Ito will supervise the whole production.

Kasai will choreograph two pieces: "Four Monks" and "Seven Serious Sins." Ito will choreograph a piece called "Good Company on the Road."

A group of four male dancers — Kasai himself, Kentaro Kujirai, Kentaro Koide and Baraba Okuyama — will perform "Four Monks."

Mademoiselle Cinema, an all-women company founded by Ito and comprising seven dancers — Tamami Takenoshita, Natsumi Hasushi, Rino Komoda, Shiori Nakajima, Moe Sugawa, Kiyo Saji and Mikae Nakagome — will perform "Seven Serious Sins."

The four male dancers and the seven female dancers will join to perform "Good Company on the Road."

Kasai is well-known as a solo dancer but also active as a choreographer these days.

Ito took Mademoiselle Cinema to many countries for presentation, including Poland, Mexico, Ethiopia, France, Bulgaria, Romania and South Korea.