Music / Classical

'Doki to Meiso' @ Cremonia Hall

In a presentation entitled "Doki to Meiso" ("Palpitation and Meditation") on Dec. 14 at Cremonia Hall in Tokyo's Ogikubo (5-22-7 Ogikubo, Suginami Ward, Tokyo; 東京都 杉並区 荻窪 5-22-7), Yohani Kibe will dance to tunes written by three contemporary Japanese classical music composers — Megumi Kato, Satoshi Tanaka and Kazuo Nakano.

Pianist Azusa Morikawa, viola player Mizuho Yamamoto and cellist Tatsuki Hojo will perform in the presentation.

The tunes to be played will be: "There's a shadow hanging over me" (Tanaka 2015, a solo piano piece), "Distortion" (Nakano 1977, a solo piano piece), "A Theme Based on a Mode Variation " (Kato 2019, a solo piano piece), "Improvise with..." (Nakano 2019, a piece for viola, cello and piano), and "Redolence + Redolence II" (Tanaka 1988 and 1995, pieces for viola, cello and piano). Apart from dancing to these pieces, Kibe will improvise dancing in "improvisation MIRAISHIKI."