Art / Mixed Media | Hiroshima

Travelers Through a Hundred Ages

"Preface for a Spring Evening Banquet with Cousins in a Peach Blossom Garden," a text by poet Li Bai (701-62) was the inspiration behind "Travelers Through a Hundred Ages," an exhibition that aims to connect the past, present and future by looking into relationships between individuals, local communities and art in Momoshima, an island of the Seto Inland Sea.

Artists and scholars from various fields were invited to participate in this project, which offers a number of discussion events and sees artworks and installations spread out at different venues of the island.

Featured artists include sculptor Yukinori Yanagi, avant-garde artist Chu Enoki, multimedia artist and sculptor Meiro Koizumi, and mixed media artists Yoshie Ikeuchi, Nobuyuki Oura. (Yukari Tanaka)