Andrew Mills
Israeli soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip
WORLD / Politics
Jan 24, 2024
One-month Gaza truce is the focus of intensive talks, sources say
Despite the difficulty of bridging the gap in positions, a source described the talks as intensive and said a deal could be agreed to "at any minute."
One of Qatar’s lead negotiators Abdullah Al Sulaiti (right) works inside an operation room set up to coordinate the truce and release of hostages between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in Doha on Sunday.
Dec 1, 2023
How Qatar swayed Israel and Hamas to make a temporary truce work
After seven days of truce, Israel confirmed Friday it was resuming hostilities.
Demonstrators at a rally near the U.N. headquarters in support of the Hostage and Missing Families Forum, a group working to advocate for hostages kidnapped from Israel, in New York on Tuesday
WORLD / Politics
Oct 26, 2023
Qatar envoys pressing Hamas to release civilian hostages: sources
The talks are limited to civilians, with Hamas describing captive soldiers as strategic assets the group aims to exchange for concessions from Israel.
Japan Times
SOCCER / World cup
Dec 8, 2022
World Cup attendance lower than Qatar's expectations
A huge surge in visitors is unlikely at this stage, with only eight teams remaining in Doha and eight matches left.
Japan Times
SOCCER / World cup
Sep 13, 2022
Long lines and lack of water mar Qatar World Cup stadium trial
Stadium stands were out of water by halftime and there was none outside, where the late summer temperature was 34 degrees Celsius, but felt far hotter because of the humidity.
Japan Times
Jul 9, 2022
U.S. and Israel push Arab allies for joint defense pact amid Iran tensions
The two allies are seeking to lay the groundwork for an alliance with Arab states that would connect air-defense systems to combat Iranian drone and missile attacks in the Middle East.
Japan Times
Jul 5, 2022
No experience, no resume, you're hired! Hotels fight for staff
Thousands of workers left the hospitality industry when international travel shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many chose not to return.
Japan Times
SOCCER / World cup
May 7, 2022
Qatar's World Cup gamble not guaranteed to pay off
Analysts and academics are not convinced that the big spending from its gas revenues will mean Qatar can achieve its economic dream once the World Cup ends.
Japan Times
SOCCER / World cup
Nov 16, 2021
Soccer fans could face accommodation shortage at Qatar’s World Cup
Organizers said they expect to be able to offer up to 130,000 rooms — which could leave thousands of fans scrambling when matches start next November.


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