Former yokozuna Harumafuji sued over 2017 assault

National / Crime & Legal Oct 4, 2018

Former yokozuna Harumafuji sued over 2017 assault

Sumo wrestler Takanoiwa filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking ¥24 million ($210,000) in damages from Harumafuji, claiming the former yokozuna's assault last year forced him to miss matches due to injuries and caused him financial loss. Harumafuji faced a summary indictment in December for assaulting the ...

Sumo Aug 21, 2018

Sumo stablemaster Takanohana falls ill during training session

Sumo stablemaster and former yokozuna Takanohana, currently on a regional sumo tour, was rushed to hospital Tuesday morning after falling ill while coaching wrestlers. An emergency call made at around 10:10 a.m. described the 46-year-old as experiencing convulsions and being unconscious during a training session ...