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An amended law on government assistance for young people providing daily care for family members passes the parliament on Wednesday.
Jun 6, 2024
Law amended to stipulate central government support for young caregivers
The previous law did not specify that central government would assist young caregivers, with some local governments providing support under ordinances.
After a string of contractual issues over guarantor service for the elderly, the government aims to introduce specific regulations to ensure that users can access support with confidence.
JAPAN / Society
Apr 25, 2024
Japan to draw up guidelines for elderly guarantor services
Demand for guarantor services is rising due to the growing number of elderly living alone
A Filipino care worker talks to an elderly resident at a hospital in Tokyo.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 23, 2024
Japan to allow foreign nationals to engage in home care services
Currently, foreign technical intern trainees and foreign workers with so-called specified skills are banned from engaging in the services.
A group of Vietnamese care workers attend a send-off event before heading to Japan, in Trung Hoa, Vietnam, 2014.
JAPAN / Politics
Mar 13, 2024
Japan to adjust structure of care worker exam, easing path to success
The revisions will allow those who fail in the exam but receive passing scores for certain test sections to be exempted from retaking those sections.
Older people take part in a rhythm game competition at Chiba City Hall on Oct. 17.
Mar 3, 2024
Esports gain traction at welfare facilities in Japan
Esports is being used in part with the aim of preserving cognitive functions in elderly people.
Participants take part in a 'senior cafeteria' event at a nursing home in Tokyo's Meguro Ward on Dec. 14.
JAPAN / Society
Jan 21, 2024
‘Senior cafeterias’ gaining steam to support elderly
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government launched a subsidy program this fiscal year for municipalities promoting local dining events.
The government is considering scrapping the idea of expanding the range of older residents who must pay out of their pockets 20% of the costs of elderly care services provided under public insurance.
Dec 19, 2023
Japan to scrap idea of raising elderly care user fees
Many ruling lawmakers have expressed cautious opinions on the proposed expansion.
The government plans to raise the retirement age of drivers of privately owned cabs to 80, from 75 currently, as rural areas in particular suffer from an acute shortage of transportation for the elderly.
BUSINESS / Economy
Dec 4, 2023
Expanding labor shortage pushes Japan to find new ways to fill jobs
Companies have been forced to come up with new ways to find labor and keep their operations running smoothly, sometimes with novel ideas.
Digital Minister Taro Kono looks at a nursing robot in a day care facility in Tokyo on Oct.18.
JAPAN / Society
Nov 7, 2023
Japan’s aging population to increase burden on nursing care costs
The average annual nursing care cost per capita is estimated to increase 75% to ¥235,000 in 2050 compared to 2019 levels, according to government data.
A carer feeds a resident at a nursing home in Tokyo.
Oct 7, 2023
Nearly 70% of care service providers in Japan face labor shortage
The shortage is most pronounced for home visit caregivers, as 83.5% of such operators responded that they lack staff to provide the service.
Foreign workers take notes during a meeting at a nursing care facility operator in Nagoya.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Jul 24, 2023
Ministry panel starts talks to ease foreign care worker rules
The panel of experts will examine whether to allow foreign workers to engage in home-visit care services, currently not permitted partly due to concerns about language barriers.
Japan Times
Jul 8, 2023
27% of nursing homes in Japan face bankruptcy due to price hikes, survey finds
The nationwide survey found that over 90% of facilities have been affected by price increases.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Apr 20, 2023
Japan health insurance societies to log record loss in fiscal 2023
The National Federation of Health Insurance Societies, or Kenporen, said that its member societies are expected to log a record loss in fiscal 2023.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Regional Voices: Fukushima
Apr 17, 2023
Fukushima care providers falling behind on business continuity planning
Without plans, it will be difficult to keep offering services during large-scale disasters, but amid a chronic labor shortage operators lack personnel to work on forward thinking.
Japan Times
Apr 4, 2023
As Japan grays, young Indonesians train to fill caregiver vacancies
According to estimates, only about 130,000 of the 340,000 vacancies on a Japanese government program to employ foreigners with special skills, in sectors like caregiving, have been filled.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Mar 26, 2023
Who will take care of Italy’s older people? Robots, maybe.
The Western world’s oldest population is facing a crisis of caregivers. Some are looking for a little helping, plastic, hand.
Japan Times
Mar 20, 2023
Lacking health workers, Germany taps robots for elder care
An estimated 670,000 carer posts will go unfilled by 2050 in Europe's most populous country, which is also one of the world's most rapidly aging.
Japan Times
Mar 3, 2023
As China ages, investors bet they can beat retirement home stigma
Who takes care of the elderly in China, where pensions are tiny, is one of the major headaches policymakers face as they deal with the start of a demographic downturn.
Japan Times
Dec 19, 2022
Care home admits requiring sterilization of couples with intellectual disabilities
The Hokkaido facility said eight such couples had agreed to the procedures, in which men had to undergo a vasectomy and women had to wear a contraceptive ring.
Japan Times
Nov 8, 2022
Nursing provider takes on heavy lifting with muscle-bound caregivers
A company in the Tokai region is actively recruiting athletically inclined men and women to bring a younger demographic to an industry hard hit by labor shortages.


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