Figurative and literal lifesavers

| Mar 18, 2018

Figurative and literal lifesavers

by Chiho Komoriya

Keep your ears open for BoCo Bone-conduction earphones, a relatively new development in personal tech that allows users to listen to devices without blasting the eardrums, is finally being made small enough to be worn like earbuds. Up until now, virtually all bone-conduction earphones have ...

/ Mar 28, 2017

Fujitsu, Lenovo to delay PC business integration: source

Fujitsu Ltd. and China's Lenovo Group Ltd. will delay the planned integration of their personal computer businesses, a company source said Tuesday. The two companies initially aimed to reach a final agreement on the integration within March. But negotiations will not be concluded until April ...

/ Oct 6, 2016

Fujitsu looks to integrate PC business with Lenovo

Fujitsu Ltd. is considering integrating its personal computer business with China's Lenovo Group Inc., the world's biggest PC manufacturer, a source said Wednesday. Lenovo is likely to invest in the PC business Fujitsu spun off earlier this year. If the investment is realized, Lenovo will ...

Manhole covers get new mission: predicting floods

/ Sep 8, 2016

Manhole covers get new mission: predicting floods

by Kazuaki Nagata

Sudden storms called "guerrilla downpours" have been hitting with increasing frequency over the past five decades and are now considered a growing disaster threat. As municipalities struggle to deal with the increase in floods, companies are proposing new technology based on what they say is ...

/ Apr 15, 2016

Toshiba, Fujitsu, Vaio may abandon talks on PC integration

Talks to integrate the personal computer units of Toshiba Corp., Fujitsu Ltd., and Vaio Corp. are on the verge of breaking down, sources close to the matter said Friday. Negotiations have foundered on a range of disagreements, including the need for restructuring. The three companies ...

Feb 10, 2016

Fujitsu recalls 20,000 laptop batteries over fire risk

Fujitsu Ltd. on Wednesday announced the recall of around 20,000 battery packs used in its Lifebook laptop computers as they could catch fire, although it has received no reports of this having happened. Fujitsu recalled around 70,000 battery packs used in Lifebooks in August last ...