Business Oct 31, 2018

U.S. indicts 10 Chinese over scheme to steal aerospace tech

The United States indicted 10 Chinese, including two intelligence officers, over a five-year scheme to steal technology from U.S. and French aerospace firms by hacking into their computers. The indictments came 20 days after the Department of Justice obtained the unprecedented extradition of a senior ...

Asia Pacific Sep 30, 2018

Young Indonesian air traffic controller hailed as quake hero

An Indonesian air traffic controller is being posthumously hailed as a hero for refusing to leave his post despite devastating earthquakes so that he could guide a passenger jet safely off the ground. Twenty-one-year-old Anthonius Gunawan Agung was on duty in the air traffic control ...

Let's discuss flying cars

Language | MORNING ENGLISH Sep 3, 2018

Let's discuss flying cars

Japan is making a push to develop flying cars, enlisting companies including Uber and Airbus to join a public-private panel tasked with making airborne vehicles a reality in the next decade.

Singapore Airlines tops passenger survey

Business Jul 19, 2018

Singapore Airlines tops passenger survey

If you want to fly premium, the best route around the globe is via Singapore. Travelers voted Singapore Airlines Ltd. the best carrier in the world, according to SkyTrax, which surveys more than 20 million fliers every year. It was also named the best in ...