Aichi-Nagoya bid for 2026 Asian Games finalized


The Japanese Olympic Committee said Wednesday it has received a report from the Aichi prefectural and Nagoya municipal governments confirming their agreement to seek to co-host the 2026 Asian Games.

With the submission of the document under the names of Aichi Gov. Hideaki Omura and Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura, the two local governments have formally become Japan’s candidate site for the regional version of the Summer Olympics.

“It is a very welcome development that the preparations for filing the candidacy are now set,” said Tsunekazu Takeda, the JOC president. “We will cooperate with Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya city to do our best to win a decision to hold the event in Japan.”

The joint hosting plan by Aichi and its prefectural capital Nagoya, initially announced in May, was in danger of falling apart earlier this month when Kawamura said Sept. 5 that he was taking the scheme back to the drawing board as the prefecture had not come forward with specific cost estimates.

The prefectural government then indicated its estimates, which prompted Nagoya city to move toward returning to the original plan to co-host the multisport event.

The JOC last week approved Aichi and Nagoya as the country’s joint candidate hosts, on condition they submit an official document attesting that they agree on the co-hosting scheme before the Olympic Council of Asia’s General Assembly meets Sunday in Danang, Vietnam, to decide on the 2026 host.

Aichi and Nagoya are expected to be the only ones bidding.

Japan has held the Asian Games twice previously, in Tokyo in 1958 and in Hiroshima in 1994.

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