The Hiroshima Carp said Friday they have agreed on a one-year contract with left-hitting outfielder Nate Schierholtz, who had stints with the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals in 2014.

Schierholtz, 31, is expected to be paid an estimated $1.16 million (about ¥139 million). The Reno, Nevada native has 52 home runs in 799 major league games.

"Looking at the trend since the preseason, we had a scoring deficit," said Carps manager Koichi Ogata. "I want him to support the middle of our lineup."

Carp infielder Brad Eldred had 37 homers to win the home run title last season but is sidelined with a knee injury. He has temporarily returned to the United States and is not expected to make a comeback before June.

"We have been trying various things since Eldred got hurt," said Carps' team director Kiyoaki Suzuki. "We needed to get at least one position player. He isn't quite the slugger Eldred is."