Shoulder injury sidelines sekiwake Tochiozan


Sekiwake Tochiozan pulled out of the ongoing Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday due to an injured left shoulder, his sumo elder Kasugano said.

Tochiozan, who forfeits his bout against yokozuna Harumafuji the same day and drops to 2-6, withdrew from a tournament for the first time since the 2011 Kyushu Basho. He is the second wrestler in the elite makuuchi division following Homasho to drop out in Nagoya.

According to Kasugano, Tochiozan hurt his shoulder during pre-tournament training and aggravated the injury in a match against Shohozan on the sixth day.

“He was complaining of pain in the morning (of the 20th),” Kasugano said.