JBC refuses to renew licenses for Kameda Gym, key management


The Japan Boxing Commission said Friday that the gym where the three Kameda brothers, Daiki, Koki and Tomoki, train will be severely punished.

Shinji Yoshii, the gym’s chairman, and manager Satoshi Shima will not have their licenses renewed by the JBC over the manner in which Daiki Kameda retained his IBF super flyweight title last December.

By not renewing Yoshii’s and Shima’s licenses, the three Kameda brothers will be unable to fight in Japan unless they move to another gym or if the Kameda Gym appoints a new chairman and manager.

An attorney for the gym, Haruo Kitamura, told a news conference on Thursday that he will file an appeal with the JBC and indicated that if the punishment is not overturned a lawsuit will follow.

“This is injurious,” Kitamura said. “It is a grave defamation of our good name.”

Daiki Kameda, 25, lost his title unification bout against Liborio Soliz in December after Soliz had failed to make the weight.

The IBF had said prior to the fight that both titles would become vacant in the event of a Soliz victory, but afterward declared Kameda the IBF champ. The JBC has been investigating how the Kameda camp knew beforehand that their man would retain his IBF title, win, lose or draw.

Tomoki, the youngest at 22, is the WBO’s bantamweight champion, while 27-year-old Koki recently gave up his WBA crown in the same division so he can aim for a super flyweight title.