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Hakuho floored ozeki Kakuryu with one clean jerk while Harumafuji outmaneuvered fellow ozeki Kotoshogiku to retain their share of the lead with 10-0 marks at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday.

The Mongolian lone yokozuna and Harumafuji remained the only undefeated wrestlers with five days remaining in Nagoya. Rank-and-filer Kaisei was one behind the coleaders at 9-1 while Japanese ozeki pair Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku trailed at 8-2.

In the day’s finale at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Kakuryu appeared to get a golden chance when he successfully switched grips on Hakuho after the yokozuna beat him at the tachiai.

But Hakuho was never fazed for a second as he sent his opponent sprawling with a left-handed inner thigh propping twist down technique. His countryman Kakuryu dropped to 6-4.

Harumafuji finished off Kotoshogiku with minimal fuss, getting his left hand inside for a grip under his rival’s right armpit before slamming him down with a beltless arm throw. The Mongolian ozeki shrugged off his disadvantage as he had previously won just 13 of 38 meetings against Kotoshogiku.

Baruto saw his title hopes all but dashed after being sent to a third loss by fellow ozeki Kotooshu.

The Estonian giant allowed Kotooshu (7-3) to grab the front of his mawashi at the tachiai and was dumped to the clay surface by the Bulgarian’s overarm throw when he attempted to change grips midstream.

Kisenosato shut down Tochiozan’s (2-8) offense immediately out of the blocks, getting his left hand inside for a grip on the mawashi while squeezing his opponent forward to gain leverage for a comfortable frontal takeout.

Brazilian-born Kaisei continued his impressive run, barreling out Shotenro (5-5) after getting both hands wrapped around his opponent for a textbook frontal forceout.

Newly promoted komusubi Myogiryu (6-4) battle for hand position against Georgian Tochinoshin (6-4), and got both arms under his opponent’s armpits before launching him off the raised ring.

Czech Takanoyama had luck on his side against Sadanofuji in the opening bout of the elite makuuchi, when his attacking opponent inadvertently stepped over the straw bales while attempting a force out. Both men are at 3-7.

Summer Basho winner Kyokutenho’s nightmare in Nagoya only got scarier as he was ousted to his 10th consecutive defeat — the only makuuchi wrestler with the ignominious mark — at the hands of little man Toyonoshima, who improved to 3-7.

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