Okinoumi falls quickly against Hakuho


Yokozuna Hakuho remained among the leaders on Friday, the sixth day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium.

In one swift move, Hakuho seized a left-handed grip on Okinoumi’s belt at the jump-off and guided the winless maegashira out of the ring with minimal energy. The win kept the Mongolian yokozuna at the head of four wrestlers with perfect records.

The ozeki duo of Harumafuji and Baruto also remained undefeated, as did No. 13 maegashira Daido, while rank-and-filers Masunoyama and Chiyotairyu each suffered a first defeat.

Baruto overcame a bizarre start, when he stood up at the tachiai against Wakakoyo. But instead of taking control, Wakakoyo seemed as surprised as the ozeki himself and a half-hearted charge was no match for Baruto, who was able to maintain his balance and fling the No. 3 maegashira aside.

Harumafuji overpowered sekiwake Goeido (3-3) with an underarm throw.

For the second straight day, there were no upsets among the second highest rank of ozeki. Kotooshu was barely challenged by sekiwake Tochiozan (1-5), but after that, the wins proved much more difficult.

Kotoshogiku barely scraped past maegashira Shohozan (1-5), who seized the initiative but ran out of energy and ideas after forcing the ozeki backward. Kotoshogiku snuck his hands onto the belt and seized control en route to a frontal forceout.

Kisenosato overcame a spirited challenge from Bulgarian maegashira Aoiyama, who was unable to match the smaller ozeki in either power or technique. Kisenosato took lower position and forced the maegashira out to his fifth defeat.

Ozeki Kakuryu (4-2) avoided falling further behind the leaders despite being forced back to the edge of the straw bales by top maegashira Kyokutenho. Facing the looming possibility of a third defeat, the ozeki kept his cool and proceeded to sweep the winless Kyokutenho from the ring.