Ando to sit out Grand Prix series


Reigning women’s world figure skating champion Miki Ando said Saturday she will miss the upcoming Grand Prix series and indicated she is considering turning professional.

“I will be taking a rest this season. I will think about how I want to develop my career as a skater — not just amateur skating,” said Ando.

Sources close to the skater said, however, it is still unclear whether Ando will miss all tournaments this season, including the national championships which double as the final qualifier for the world skating championships.

The 23-year-old Ando, who took part in the Japan Open figure skating team event at Saitama Super Arena the same day, placed last in the women’s event.

“I had a fulfilling year in competition last season and I have begun to think about my career as a skater. I want to find the answer in my own way,” she said.