JFA won’t give in to players’ demand

Kyodo News

The Japan Football Association said on Monday it opposes the Japan Pro Footballers Association’s demand for significant pay raises.

JFA senior official Kunji Matsuda said that the amount players received for victories at the World Cup in South Africa this year was ¥2 million per player, up ¥1 million from the previous tournament.

“The players have said that the conditions haven’t changed in 20 years but if we compare them with 1998 (when Japan made their first appearance in a World Cup) a lot has changed,” he said.

The players are demanding an increase in match winning bonuses and a share of the revenue from their own image rights.

Japanese internationals currently normally receive anywhere from ¥100,000 to ¥200,000 for every match they win, but are asking for a minimum of ¥1 million.